construction worker

I work construction and have to bring my lunch/snacks to work. I’m currently on a bulking program and need some more ideas on what to pack in my lunch box. I’m trying to get around 5000 calories a day, any suggestions?


nice P-dog, but i was thinking more along the lines of

a thermos with instant oats/whey protein/water.

or whey protein/light olive oil/water.

you should be able to mix a thousand calorie shake in about 4 cups of liquid. just sip on it throughout the day.

or mix em all together (but be prepared for the backlash from the P+C/ P+F guys, if you do…). i made this mix and lived on the stuff when i was going to school and my classes were sceduled in a 6 hour block. im a lean bastard though so maybe mixin em all up isnt a great idea if your a real fat guy.

ahh, hell, just stick with the STEAK.

ryan b.

With a glass of olive oil to cover it

Tuna packets and Grow!

A jar of natural peanut butter.

thanks. I think i’m gonna go with ryanb. Ive been eating 2 cans of tuna along with some other garbage. Steak would be great but remember I’m just a carpenter. I’m 5’11 and weigh 185, looking to be about 210 by March. I’m on Tribex and M now, took Mag-10 for 2 weeks and gained about 6 lbs. and about 25 lbs. on the bench (around 265 now, 310 squat, 330 deadlift). More Mag-10 leftover so aint nothing gonna stop me from getting to where i wanna be.

Any other ideas?? I dont care what it tastes like I just want a lot of calories and as much protein as possible.


Carter, if you just blindly stuff as many calories down your throat as you possibly can, you will gain weight. My concern is that it will be more fat than muscle.

During the recovery cycle your goals or mindset should be to hold onto the muscle you gained. It’s not a time to be bulking. You should be getting 1.5g of protein x LBM, 1.5g of carbs per pound of LBM and about .4 to .5g of fat per pound of LBM. If after one week at those numbers you lost weight, carbs and fat could be adjusted upwards slightly.

In general, keep the food you take in clean, increase your EFAs, and get the majority of your carbs from green veggie sources.

Additionally, there is a Mag-10 Plan for Success plan with pretty precise dietary recommendations. If you were to use the numbers recommended, you should see a greater than 6-pound weight gain for your two-week Mag-10 cycle.

If you’d like help running the numbers before your next Mag-10 cycle, let me know. I’d be glad to help.

I don’t know if you are skinny or fat to begin with, but if you are buring a lot of calories on the job you are going to have to eat a lot to gain size. I don’t think you are going to be able to eat enough vegetables and fish oil to do this. If you have a cooler you can take lunch-meat and bagel sandwiches. If not freeze the lunch meat seperate and eat it earlier in the day. Peanut butter sandwiches are high calories and fairly good. The tuna is a good idea. Hard boiled eggs. Pre-cooking food and taking it in plastic bags is a bitch but you gotta do what you gotta do.

No one has suggested the obvious yet:

Another lunch box.

Whatever happened to the old “gallon of milk a day” trick?

Go with skim/nonfat, drink some with each of your P+C meals.

144 g of protein and over 1000 extra calories. If you’re feeling sassy, spike it with some “Grow!”. Go with the traditional Grow! for the carbs.

Plus, it’s cheap, $4 for organic (reccomended) where I live.

Dan “A Message from your Dairy Farmer” McVicker

LOL! Now, that was good advice!

like i said before, man : i went to school for 6 hours at a time. no time for any big food breaks. ive also worked construction alot in the past. guys, most of the time you cant really carry your lunch box around with you all day. so , a bigger lunchbox might help but i still think the way to go is with a simple high calorie drink. just sip on it all day. 5 scoops of whey and 2cups of quick oats is an easy 100+extra grams of protein/carbs a day. that makes a big difference. WARNING: make sure and mix it with water! dont think your thermos is going to keep milk cold all day… theres nothing quite as disgusting as a whey/oatmeal/milk/olive oil shake, served at a lukewarm 70degrees.

good luck,
ryan b.