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Construction Worker Diet


Hey i work 12 hours a day 6 days a week and train for 90 min after work. I am worried i am not giving my body enough nutients to promote growth, starting to bulk in 2 week. Any suggestions to my diet?

630: 1/2 oats. scoop of whey, 5 egg whites, 300 ml of milk, 1 tbs of peanut butter
10: 2 whole eggs
12: 2 chicken breast, veggies, 40 grams of carbs
3: fruit, beef jerky
5: steak and potates veggies milk
8 post workout: 50 grams of protien, 45 gram of dextrose, 2 tbs of honey, one banana,
930. 2 glasses of milk, 3/4 of cottage cheese, sanwhich meat, almonds

fish oil
multi vit
vit C
whey isolate
pre workout supp

Please give suggestions i weight 170 lb at 5'10 trying to build muscle, i currently cut my cardio down from 3 times a week to one HIIT seesion


Post your macro totals, no one is going to want to sift through your meals.

Looking at your diet, it does seem a bit on the light side of things for the amount of work you're doing(at work and gym).


3000 cals
250 protien
200 carbs
100 fat


I highly doubt that is enough, seems like rough physical labor. I worked as a loader for UPS for a while and I lost 12 lbs in a little over month. At the time I was training 3x a week and eating around 5000 calories.


K thanks.

What are your goals? Are you getting stronger? Have you stalled?

I'm assuming you're asking if you're eating enough b/c you're not progressing. If that's the case, then recover better, ie eat more, sleep more/better.

It's all a flowchart man.

Progressing ====>Yes====>Keep doing what you're doing.
No====>Eating Right?/Training too much?/Not sleeping enough?/Stressed? Adjust and start over.

If not eating right, clean up your diet and get enough kcal.
If training too much, cut back your volume.
Not sleeping well, search function.
Stressed, take time to relax, go be in nature, search function.


Looks decent to me. I'd throw in a few MAG-10 pulses while at work if you can


okay sound good that advice is much appericated, do you have any other food suggestions


just eat more in general. i would probably increase your macros in this order... carbohydrates, fat, protein.

  1. buy a rice machine and a 20 pound bag of rice... carbs for months.
  2. instead of egg whites, use whole eggs- cheaper and more calorically dense. instead of 2 eggs, eat 4.
  3. add a protein shake to your meals and snacks.

lastly, be consistent and give it time. building muscle doesn't happen over night. like someone else alluded to, if you aren't getting stronger or gaining weight, you may not be eating or recovering enough. so take that into consideration in your endeavors.

props for finding time and energy to work out with your schedule. good luck.


What do you do at work?


What do your construction worker buddies say when you break out that two chicken breasts + veggies?



Not all "construction" fields are the same, so this is an important question.

I've done laboring for brick/block, concrete, and railroad construction.

I measured NOTHING and ate EVERYTHING to hold onto and gain some weight. Good, caloric dense foods should make up the majority of your diet. Rest and staying hydrated are just as important. Fuck cardio.

What do your workouts look like?


Unless you're not doing a damn thing at work cut out the HIIT and make sure you're not overdoing the coke/speed.


Bump carbs to 400, maybe even 500 and watch the muscle pile on.

edit: also cut out all cardio and the hiit


I pour concrete so lots of physical labour, my work out looks like

Shoulders HIIT : fri

I do 4 sets of each exersise in each superset and there in 6 super sets in each workout, everything until failure im at the gym for 90 min. Im thinking this is a little too much


I to have worked a very physical job while trying to bulk. Very do-able but needs more attention, and some more effort. I've made my best gains so far working an extremely physical job.

"630: 1/2 oats. scoop of whey, 5 egg whites, 300 ml of milk, 1 tbs of peanut butter"
- I would make it 1 cup oats, scoop of whey, 5 whole eggs, 300 ml milk, 2 tbs pb.

"10: 2 whole eggs"
-Maybe add another egg, some nuts and some fruit

All you have to do is eat more, really simple. Put some EVOO in your shakes. Put some cheese on your chicken and eggs. Change skim milk for whole. Eat more steak/chicken. All of these little adjustments can add in some great calories to your diet.

Maybe a little more detail on your lifting routine than that?

Fuck cardio.


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