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Construction Work & Eating


For all the construction/laborer types,

I just got a new construction job (drilling and blasting, in case anyone cares) What I wanna know is how do you guys get all the food you need doing a job like that?

My plan:
Metabolic Drive shake
Metabolic Drive shake
Second dinner (after workout)

What i'm worried about is do you guys usually find enough time to slug down a protein shake twice a day (only takes 5 minutes tops) Any other suggestions?


I always bring lots of food...peanut butter and jelly, sandwiches of sorts, whatever can be kept in a plastic bag. Bags of peanuts also, or protein bars. Coolers are your friend.

Unfortunately, if you have a fast metabolism like I do, you just have to keep eating and eating. Lifting heavy shit all day, then going home and actually lifting burns almost more calories than I can take in.


While every one else is finding time to smoke and drink soft drinks I am sure that you can find time to have a shake or a bar. Just plan ahead make your first shake at breakfast and take it with you and drink over the morning and then at smoko make your next shake and have it before lunch. Put half a bar in your pocket at both these times and some nuts that should get you through. Although this is not optium its a start, just work harder then every one else and no one will say anything.


Construction guys look well fed... you might want to get good advice by asking at the source too... ask them also! :wink:


Ive done it and they generally eat shit food in large quantities.
Just pack loads of food, shakes are ok but not as good as a dish of pasta and tuna. You need extra calories for the work too.
And stay hydrated. I used to have 3 litres a day just at work then extra in the morning and evening.


Plan and pack the nite before.

Looks good. Just make sure your shakes are filling. Try to thicken them up a bit. I find, especially in the summer, that I burn huge amounts of cals when I'm working, so replenishing them is vital. Also, pay attention to your training. Heavy labor will have an effect on your training and recovery.


Thanks for the good advice so far. For the shakes I plan to use stuff out of Dr. Berardi's Persicion Nurtrition and most of them are a liquid meal. What kinds of food would you guys suggest i bring for lunch. I'm think sandwiches, wraps, salads, vegetables, fruits, nuts. Anything else?


Dude - make a sandwich.

Bread (wholemeal)
olive spread or butter
large portion of meat/fish
salad + dressing.
another piece of bread

The end. Unless you want me to eat it for you.


you should get two breaks, thats plenty to scarf down food, plus morning breakfast before you leave


Here's a good trick-

A one litre protein shake, made with whole milk and about double the scoops of protein powder. Use a water bottle and a culinary funnel to get the powder in to the bottle. Cut off the lower end of the funnel to prevent clumping in the chute. Have another bottle of water frozen, and drink it as it thaws throughout the day.

Throwing in a few peaches, apples and/or banannas is allways good too, to maintain good sugar levels.

Have one between breakfast and lunch, and another between lunch and quitting time.

Aside from some new guy ball busting, I doubt anybody will have much to say.