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Construction with I/H-Beam Help?


Figured this would be a good place to ask.

I am looking for good resources for I beam installation.

I want to create two walls where the weight bearing components are made out of I beams.

I just don’t know what is safe as far as. What size concrete base do I need to sink the vertical beams in and what size beams I need in the first place. Obviously a lot of variables but I am looking for some preliminary reading to educate myself.

Anyone with any experience care to chime in or point me in the right direction.


Usually you’d weld plates or spreader beams on to the bottom of the verticals and sit them on concrete pads. Resin bolted down.

Theyre not sunk into the concrete as such- although they might then get filled in above that.

Its a complex subject and to do properly you should 100% get a structural engineer to design it properly. Without those drawings building control won’t be able to sign it off!