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Construction of a Training Routine


I am a beginner and in search of a linear progression training routine.I have considered Starting Strength and also many other programs out there but I want to incorporate snatch and clean and jerk into my routine.I was thinking of

Workout 1

Bench Press
Bent Over Row

Workout 2

Clean And Jerk
Overhead Press

Each exercise done for 4x4 or 5x3

Alternating each workout on alternate days. Please critique my workout , suggest improvement and also give a routine if you want to...Any help appreciated


All the exercises you mention are compound lifts and as such, are well worth doing. But if you're a rank beginner, I'd rethink incorporating snatches and C&J's straightaway in the SS program with the same protocol. The requisite technique for OLY lifts is higher. I'd suggest doing the SS program as is, while practicing snatches and cleans on your off-days with very light weights (or just the bar) to perfect your technique. Don't bastardize the program by including lifts that the original program doesn't contain.

If you're really keen on OLY lifts, get a good coach. If you cannot afford one, read Wil Fleming's articles here, and buy his DVD.


Ive read all of his articles....though i can afford a coach i dont have one available here :frowning:


texas method -rock solid program and has snatch and power clean


You really should explain to people that you're 15 years old and recently hurt your back deadlifting.

Not trying to bust your chops, bud, but you asked for program advice in your other thread and now you're here with a new thread asking the same question. Not very cool.

EDIT: Okay, looks like you technically started this thread first. Either way, it's best not to start multiple threads with the same question. It causes confusion, clearly.


Hopefully the back injury wasn't from using bad form in the deadlift. Because really at your age, instead of worrying about the perfect routine you should be worried about learning perfect form on the big basics.


I posted this thread about one week bfore the other and got only one response thus created the other thread...did not intend to create multiple threads it is only duevto the lak of of respnse on this one that i created the other where it would be appropriate