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Constitution Outdated



I guess it is only outdated when convenient. This little prick is everything wrong with America.


If you don't want to watch the previous clip, you can read a summary here:


Trust me, he is an idiot in both text and video.


In a sense, it is outdated. In 1933, the US gov't was broke. So FDR needed emergency powers. He nullified part of Wilson's 'Trading With the Enemy Act, part 5' so as to include American citizens as potential enemies. He then used the power obtained to confiscate all privately held gold, anyone not turning in their gold being subject to onerous punishment, based on their being an enemy of the government. He gave this gold to the Federal Reserve which summarily gave him the power to issue unlimited quantities of fiat money.

In essense, we stopped being a republic based on Common Law and became a de facto dictatorship, based on Admiralty Law (an example would be that there is no democracy aboard ship, that the capatin's word is law).

We have hence been goatfucked since 1933, living under the illusion of a dem/republic. Of course, no one will tell/admit to this or the country would fucking lynch them in short orser.


Outdated doesn't = I don't give a shit what it says we are going to ram this massive bullshit down your throat whether you like it or not.

I love how the left claims the Constitution is outdated, but it is the first thing brought up we it fits their agenda.....