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Constatn Lifting Gains

Just wondering I’m 41 years old now and seem too stop making progress after about 3weeks.Anyway, anyone been lifting for more than 5years here making constant gains and if so what kind of regiment are you on.All natural need apply only.Meaning protein,creatine,glutamine ect.

Here’s what I do and my weights have been consistently going up:


Although some of the movements have changed, they stay in the same family. It’s isn’t super fast progress, but I don’t usually miss lifts which is a good confidence builder. No special supplementation or aids.

No one makes constant gains. If people made constant gains, then there’d be people squatting thousands of pounds.

You make some gains, then you may lose some or stay steady, and then you make some gains, and then you may lose a bit or stay steady, etc. Life intrudes, sometimes you can’t train like you’d like, sometimes you get injured, etc., etc.

Beginners or people coming back after a layoff usually make the fastest gains but it can’t continue at that pace. If you change your training focus, you will lose gains that you’d made. For example, I had been training with a 1RM focus for years and I’d made gains in fits and starts. I decided to go to a more bodybuilder/volume type of training just as a change-up and when I went back to a 1RM focus, I had lost strength and my technique had changed a bit. (Getting gastroenteritis didn’t help.) It took me some time to get my strength back and I’m still working on my technique.

Got to agree with Pencil Neck. You can make small gains but eventually you’re gonna hit a wall. Or are you talking physique/size gains. Top end there too. More info needed. Three weeks training or three weeks on a specific routine?
Question: Do you really think many in this portion of the site aren’t “all natural”?

Yep - We’re all a bunch of juicin’ old farts! LOL (no offence intended to the OP)

Thanks for the info Gents.Yes I understand about constant gains in the gym.not being constant that is. I guess I should be alittle clearer,. Yes I’m looking for more muscle weight size ect. Ha,no I don’t believe that many are not natural but,some may be on doctors scripts or something like Tribulis. Not that I’m against it just looking too stay in the same playing field so too speak. Here’s my stats as of today and always mabey 5 lbs lower or higher at most.

Age 41
Weight 170lbs
Height 5’7.5"

Sample: Chest workout

1.Flat Bench 135=15reps
Worksets 225@3 sets of 8reps

2.Dips BW+60lbs 3 sets of 8reps

3.Incline Bench DBs Start high and drop level each set. 3 sets of 75lbs for 8reps

4.Incline DB Flyes 2 sets of 12 with 55lb DBs SLow and controlled. 90sec rest between sets.

Staying healthy and fit is the most important thing for me.And you are plenty strong from looking at your stats.

Lately I’ve been working on my scapula rhomboids,lower traps. also,my rotator cuff muscles external rotators that is. Trying too keep in balance. It’s a routine by Don Alessis. Anyone rememeber when T-Mag used too have the magazine issues I have them from the begining.The article is in issue #7 entitled Booming Biceps. It’s the second set of exercises.I’m sure they have it here in the archives.