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Constants in Eating


Man, it's funny. I swear they change up recommendations for what you should be eating for optimal gains constantly.

Let me get this straight: Now carbs are best Pre and Peri workout, and not immediately post-workout where you just want protein, then a Protein / CHO meal about an hour or two after, right?

And breakfast is thought to be not important / nearly detrimental? I wonder where we'll be at in another 5 years lol.

I guess one constant hasn't changed: You need to eat more than your daily caloric expenditure to gain weight. I guess all of the other factors just play a role in how much of the weight gained is muscle vs fat?

I used to read the articles on here all of the time but haven't been keeping up to date as much...


Yea it's kinda entertaining. The thing is no one is the same. We're not all copies of one another. What works for one may not for the next. Everybody sees their point of view and that's it. Post pics and diet and show people your results. I could give a shit less about some piece of paper. There's always too many variables that aren't controlled anyways so virtually all studies are flawed to some degree.


So true. If you never experiment with your own body diet/nutrition wise, than your never going to find what is optimal for you and your specific goals. Be the leader, not the follower.