Constantly Urinating - Adrenal Fatigue, Low E2 or Something Else?

Last time I took lab test was when I finished my clomid treatment and it was months ago. before clomid I always had low e2 (when i checked it) and was urinating a lot, but if I remember correctly, it was not like I’m urinating right now. I’m waking up most of the times 2+ during the night. glucose labs were fine last time i checked them, prostate seems fine. i try to not drink water 2-3 hours before bed and go to urinate right before sleep.

could it be stress or anxiety?

When I nearly crashed my estrogen using an AI to block estrogen, I was urinating very frequently, but when estrogen is high I barely urinate at all. It sounds like after stopping clomid testosterone declined and estrogen decreased as a result and is why you are having urination issues which means your restart failed and your levels are back to baseline.

If you estrogen was low on clomid, I can only imagine how low estrogen is now.

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yeah i have seen my estrogen very low before clomid, but to tell the truth, i don’t remember if symptom improved or how it was during clomid.

If estrogen is in range it still can be low. I had an e2 of 24 or something and it was in range. This e2 range we have is very low. I believe most men do not have these issues when above their 20s.

We’re also a bit different. Some guys don’t have the same symptoms and have other issues like libido and etc.

Sounds like your body returned to status quo. I wouldn’t blame prostate until I first tried to see if raising estrogen helps. Only then would I worry about it and even then PSA are not a good measure. Avoid sex and organs 72 hours before labs because they will get thrown off and your doc will make life hell :slight_smile:

I also had this symtom and I also had nightly sweats where I’d get super hot and start sweating profusely. Once I started trt it disappeared the same week. Actually I think it stopped day 2.

I also noticed before trt I would also be very intolerant to heat. I never stayed hydrated and suffered badly in any athletic event mid summer. I started trt and i never sweat unless I do endurance or v02 max work . Even circuit training barely works up a sweat. Your in Cali right? I bet you noticed the same. It’s nice not sweating just walking to the car .

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i also sweat during the night sometimes. is this because of low e2?

I used to have hot sweats. It’s cold in my house when I sleep 67°. I would get real hot and start sweating profusely for a minute and then be cool again. Sound similar?

You mention adrenal fatigue . I’m guessing that’s just a guess and you don’t know what’s up?

Right now the low hanging opportunity is estrogen. Get yourself some and get moving.

Chlomid didn’t work . If estrogen is this low either system isn’t back to normal or SHBG is super high or for whatever reason you don’t aromatizing.

If you have low t symtoms I would just get moving on therapy and put this behind you.

no. i just sweat during my sleep sometimes.

well today i visit endo and he’s checking why i have high cortisol levels. isn’t adrenal fatigue part of high cortisol?

yeah low estrogen could be caused by low t.

i think clomid raised shbg to 80 ish, if i remember correctly, i have seen shbg while not taking clomid in the 50 ish- 70 ish.

SHBG goes up and down all day and night. If you want to heal SHBG you go to the root of the issue.

Not sure about cortisol.

thanks for replying!

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The problem with adrenal fatigue is it’s one of those names for a group of shit they don’t know how to fix

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