Constantly sick...

I have been sick fairly consistently for the past three months catching every single cold and flu that is going around.

It is really hampering my workout, and generally making me feel bad.

The question I have is do you think that I would benefit from taking a month off and allowing my resistance to build up?

The other question I have is that over the past few months I have really upped my cardio fitness and I remember reading somewhere that people with very good cardio do tend to catch my colds than those with less well developed cardiovascular fitness. Do you think that by increasing my cardio fitness I have made myself more prone to things such as colds. If this is the case how do I avoid them in the future.

I don’t think you need to quit for a month. Just until you feel better. You should also re-evaluate your training to see if you are overtraining. Finally, the best way to avoid colds and the flu is to wash your hands frequently, never touch your face with your hands, never kiss anyone, or have sex, unless it is doggie style. Actually, thinking of this, I can see why dogs never catch a cold. Smart little critters aren’t they?

I had been posting here as well as other boards about this for a long time. I had been on antibiotics for a long time and it made my immune system weak.

You wouldnt believe it but I started taking 3 grams of vit C a day. Ester C to be exact. I work in computers and a barbershop so I am always around colds. I havent been sick since last winter…

Try it, give it awhile though.

In addition you may want to get some bloodwork done to make sure you dont have mono or something.

BTW, working out always lowered my resistance. Maybe switch to a one day on two days off regiman till you get this nailed down and make sure your sleeping 8 hours a night, that when your immune system does its thing.

Assuming that you are getting enough sleep, protein and water, then you would benefit from added vitamin c (jhferry is correct), as well as added B vitamins and zinc.

Vitamin C: best form is not ascorbic acid, but calcium and/or magnesium ascorbate (because it is non-acidic and easier on the system). Ester C is fine (a little constipating though). Other possibilities are twinlab ascorbate C-500 or solgar calcium ascorbate. I would probably aim for at least 2000mg-3000mg/day in divided doses e.g. 500 mg with meals.

B complex: a good multiple (e.g. twinlab daily two without iron) will have B vitamins as well as trace minerals which are important in the long run. If you get a different multiple then make sure it has at least 25 mg of the major B vitamins.

Zinc: is needed by the body for optimal immunity. The twinlab multiple has 30 mg of zinc. If you are not getting that multiple then 30 mg of a good form of zinc (e.g. zinc gluconate or picolinate) would also be important.

Like the others have said I would evaluate your training program to make sure you are not overtraining. Are you using Surge to recover post workout. Also make sure you are getting good amounts of the antioxidants and I would look to add ZMA also.