Constantly Progression Question


got a question about progression. i read a lot about the need to constantly increasing the workload to getting stronger. But of course this goal is not linear. So i wanted to ask about your opinion about my idea of progression:
I normally do a 5x5 or 4x8 Scheme. In the last set i fail to do the last 1-3 reps. If i can complete the last set in the last 2 workout
sessions in a row i add weight to the bar. So i fail again to do the last 1-3 reps in the last set.
I often read about time based progression. like add % weight in week 2 or 4 or something. But i had trouble to follow these programms.

so do you think my idea is following the principle of constantly progression to make sure getting stronger?

i feel my approach takes longer to progress, but i cannot fail to like i did with time based progression.

On a sidenote i train 2x/W cause of my mma training schedule. So deloading was not really an option for me. Cause of compatition i skip 1-3 lifting sessions every 6-8 weeks.

No suggestions?

It sounds like a standard 5x5 progression, which is a totally legit program. Whether it’s optimal or not? You could probably find a program that works more optimally or efficiently for you, but IMO your best bet is to find a program that works, stick with it, and work consistently and hard. 5x5 is not a bad choice.