Constant Pec Tweak on Bench Press

Do you have any advice for someone who continues to tweak their pec when they get to a heavy work set on bench press?

It is on my same side and happens often. It is in the corner where it meets the shoulder/bicep area

It usually happens on the eccentric part of the lift right before I touch the bar to my chest I feel it. Usually sets me back a few weeks at least

Any advice besides rest it?

Thank you

A powerlifting client of mine had that happen constantly too. When I switched him to my “athletic system” in which we have one eccentric day, one isometric day and one concentric day the problems stopped.

For the first two phases during the eccentric days we relied on slow eccentrics with moderate and fairly heavy weights.

For example…

Phase 1
Week 1: 5 reps @ 6 sec eccentric
Week 2: 4 reps @ 8 sec eccentrics
Week 3: 3 reps @ 10 sec eccentrics
Week 4: 2 reps @ 12 sec eccentrics

Phase 2
Weeks 1-4: 3 reps @ 6 sec eccentrics (adding weight every week)

On the isometric day we used 3 pauses during the eccentric on phase 1 and 1 longer pause on the eccentric during phase 2. The isometric day is key to develop the capacity to recruit the synergists and antagonists more to stabilize the joint.

For example

Phase 1
Week 1: 3 reps, three 2-seconds pauses during the eccentric
Week 2: 3 reps, three 3-seconds pauses
Week 3: 3 reps, three 4-seconds pauses
Week 4: 3 reps, three 5-seconds pauses

Phase 2
Week 1-4: 3 reps, one 6 seconds pause at mid-range adding weight every week

Phase 3 is an overload using weight releasers.

Here’s a video of another athlete I’m working with (bobsleigh) doing an isometric overload during phase 3. He increased his power snatch from 105kg to 137kg in 8 weeks and his squat from 230kg to 265kg.

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Awesome. Thank you! I’ll give this a try