Constant Pain/Infections. What is My Body Disagreeing With?

Hi All,

Was hoping for someone to share a bit of light.

29, lifting for years, diet is on form etc…

Last year tried my first cycle. - Used Sustanon which was a high blend. Pinned into shoulder. Long story short became infected and had got put on antibiotics which cleared away.

After waiting until this year I gave it another ago. This time with prop. I was hoping to do EOD 300mg per week. Done my first shot (100mg / 1ml) to my shoulder a few days ago. Looks like same thing is happening again.

Red, slightly warm, painful, NO lump. - Pain hasn’t subsided what so ever.

I am cleaning injection site, pre and post pin. Everything is sterile. Pinning fine.

Am I allergic to an oil or a certain compound? I feel so deflated it’s something I want to take seriously and progress with. Does anyone have any ideas how to prevent this if I were to carry on?

Try your ass instead of delt

Regardless of where I’m pinning it shouldn’t go red and warm right?

I feel like there is something underlying and not down to the injection site?

If you’re experiencing what is commonly known as “PIP” - post injection pain, it could be alleviated by switching to a spot that has a larger, tougher muscle aka the glute.

Higher concentration oils usually have pip, I’ve experienced bad pip with 400mg/ml test, so bad that it crippled me and made my life unbearable for the couple weeks I tried it.

I’ve heard prop usually has some pip as well, I’ve never used prop.

Prop causes pip. Sustanon contains prop. So both times you’ve used a form of testosterone you’ve chosen one that’s going to hurt. Get one that doesn’t hurt and it won’t hurt.


Good shout, didn’t think about the prop in the Sustanon!

Do you think Cyp or Enth, or doesn’t matter?

Sorry, I bet you’ve replied to hundreds of the same topics like this but just want to get it right. Cheers.

Cyp has almost zero pip, enanthate tends to have a little (or sometimes a lot of it wasn’t properly brewed). But it’s a matter of personal choice.

What everyone said + try different spots. My quads dont hurt at all, while i did triceps once and i couldnt even hold my dick with that hand for 2 weeks.

Great, I’ll give Cyp a go :slight_smile:

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Only thing I’ll add is to avoid MCT oil, it seems to cause a reaction in some people. Grapeseed, cottonseed, etc seem to have very little PIP for most of us. Also, stick with concentrations of 250mg/ml or less.