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constant Ham tears

I use to be a pretty good athlete. Use to play all sports and college football. Use to run like the wind! LOL Problem is after football I started to just weight train with little sprinting activity. With the onset of later twenties and now thirty I have tried to play in a few flag football leagues. However every time I start to play I end up tearing one of my hammys or inner groin area. Now I do know that I am not as flexible as I use to be. I think I am pretty balanced in my quads and hams. I can run and sprint ok. The problem arises when I try to explode into a sprint or in a change of direction. I end up really tweaking usually my ham. I have had two pretty bad torn hams and don’t know if this is happening due to the scar tissue or what. I can’t emphasize enough how this problem is related to explosive movements. Anyone have any possible remedy to this problem?? I would like to play football again and can’t just go 90%. The explosions just happen and it’s hard to control. Thanks

I’d suggest that you stretch more, and do some sprinting(Think explosive) on your non-lifting days. One mistake made by many athletes is training like a bodybuilder. In this vein, I would suggest that you look into anything written by Coach Davies, or check out the Renegade Revolution forum.