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Constant Eating or Meals?


What is more succesful? Constant Grazing or Meals?

I find that with constant eating I am never hungry and I never want to eat, and I therefore sometimes eat less.
Also, my stomach tends to get bloated as well.

But with meals every 3 hours I always feel like i should be eating and i could eat more.


My suggestion is go with a meal every three hours or so, then. If that is more comfortable for you, and you still get desirable effects from what you're eating, then go with that. This is especially true if you are able to meet your caloric requirement using every three hours.


Most bodybuilders eat meals every two or three hours. This is often called "grazing". I don't know anyone who literally eats nonstop all day long as part of a regular routine for eating. I think you got your definitions mixed up.


I don't know whats best but I don't have time for meals. I'm often very busy at work and I don't have a whole lot of time for breaks. I mix up a giant jug of Grow! in the morning with basically everything I need in terms of food and water for the day.

Then I just drink as needed. Sometimes I get a bit hungry and I'll just chug some down. Then I eat normal food at home. I ate like crap for year because of lack of time and just fealing overwhelmed. I'm sure it's not the most healthy, but it's better than staving and eating fast food!


It wouldn't any fucking noticable difference expect its highly impracticle.

If you get enough calories and you have the apetite, eating 3 massive meals a day will also allow you to make great gains.