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Constant Brain Fog

I came off TRT a few months back and ran a couple clomid cycles my natty T seems fine now, testes are normal size and strength etc. But I can’t seem to shake off this brain fog like my mind is in a bubble my thoughts aren’t sharp, memory is foggy, word recall during a conversation is difficult and it’s difficult to concentrate deeply into anything it’s this constant deer in headlights mode lacking any sort of sharp mental aptitude. All this also have restless legs that came with it. Any thoughts?

Why did you come off?

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Have you checked your DHEA level?

All the poking became a hassle

Honestly, it sounds like low t

I came off TRT once before trying to see if i can go natty one more time.

I’m currently a server in the restaurant business until i get move on to my career. I live in NYC and worked at a restaurant in Greenwich Village (Feb '19) that had servers work 7-12 tables sections and the dining room was ALWAYS packed.

I couldn’t handle it, the job was too much mentally and the brain fog was overbearing, things were moving too quickly. I was shitting the bed and the money was great on top of it. I didn’t know if i would last.

Along with it, I was so miserable, depressed and tired, etc. So much so that i decided it was time to hop back on test.

The brain fog significantly improved there after as well as everything else. That confirmed to me that i needed to be on TRT. I’m still working on dialing it in, but i know that TRT is part of the solution, if not the whole solution to getting back to feeling great.

Your levels may be okay, but you’re going to have to take a serious look at getting back on trt in the future.

You’ve traded one problem for another, so either poking yourself and get on with your life or get used to a mental stupor.

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Na I never had this issue prior to TRT or during only after. Prior to TRT I had low physical energy but my cognition was always sharp. I guess I should start with some blood work to start.

idk how long you’ve been on trt but its likely your natural production just isn’t the same after being on for some time.

Of course, get blood work. But i’m sure a lot of us would agree that you’re most likely going to get back on TRT at some point.

But all the power to you if you can manage without it. Good luck.