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Constant Bloating

Hi all,
Was wondering if any one has any experience of digestive issues?

I’m 5’7" weight in 157 lbs, only training for a few years and keep going around in circles
I’m approx 10-12 % bf but afte breakfast I’m bloated,and it continues all day, by the time I go to bed I look 6month pregnant, my calories are tracked, so I’m not overeating,this time!! I don’t eat ANY junk, drink at least 2ltrs of water
I don’t want to go see my doctor cos he’ll just say IBS and give me meds, hoping for some proper advice if anyone has any.

Post the exact foods and supplements you’re eating everyday.

As mentioned we need a breakdown of everything going in your mouth.

Oats do that to me, switched to gluten free and been fine since.

something you’re eating is fucking you. Identify it and remove it.

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