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I’ve been reading on some other boards that T-mag ran that anti-glutamine article because they don’t have a glutamine containing product and it was all a ploy to increase Biotest sales and decrease sales of other competing products. Also that the author is a pen name for either TC or Chris. I don’t beleive any of this, just thought it was funny.

Well, it would be pretty easy to come out with a glutamine supplement. Besides, as we’ve seen in the past, not all T-mag contributors agree on all topics. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of their opinions on glutamine differ from the author of this particular article.

Also, I notice that Biotest doesn’t have a creatine supplement, but I don’t see them “bashing” creatine.

Pure BS. Don’t you think Biotest could make a glutamine supplement anytime they wanted to? Or enrich Grow! with glutamine?

Good stuff, huh? I sometimes read the other boards just to see what all we sneaky devils here at T-mag are up to. The T-mag/Biotest conspiracy theorists are often more entertaining than those “moon landing was faked” guys. Although we usually just blow these things off and have a laugh, I want to respond because this latest conspiracy theory isn’t fair to the author of those two articles, David Barr.

Here we go:

1) Biotest HAS used glutamine in some products so the whole "they did it cause they do not sell it" thing is just silly.

  1. David is a real guy. He has written for Anabolic Extreme and I think for Muscular Development.

  2. I met David at SWIS. He mentioned the articles (which were written with Muscular Development in mind for publication) and I was intrigued, so I asked him to send them to me to read. They were excellent, so me and a couple of other T-mag guys (I think Berardi was one of them) encouraged him to submit the articles to T-mag and not MD. He agreed and TC published them. End of story.

Remember that most of these conspiracies are spread by competitors (often using other names), and those dumb enough to believe them. I think my all time favorite was that I didn't exist. Nope, I'm merely a pen name of the evil TC. That was a classic. I also saw once where someone posted a picture of me somewhere to "prove" what a wimp I was. Only problem was the photo wasn't of me. This was really funny since my real pic has appeared in T-mag numerous times, I've shown up at many public events (the Arnold, SWIS etc), and I was on HBO's Real Sports and identified as a writer for T-mag. Guess they conveniently missed those! But to many not so smart guys out there, this was "proof".

I don't bother defending T-mag on other boards because, to be honest, I would hate to have those type of people as readers even if I could convert them. Let the dumb folks stick to their own mags and forums.

Now I must go and write a couple of articles under one of my pen names, maybe Ian King or John Berardi (neither of which actually exist in real life, of course!)

Thank you for pointing out the silliness of the people who don’t believe in the moon landings. I knew there was a reason that I liked this magazine.

“I’m the real Chris Shugart.”

uh, Surge has glutamine last I checked.

No, I’m the real Chris Shugart.