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Conspiracy-Theory Generator


Now I know where JTF gets all his good stuff...



Can it generate one that's not true?



LOL Good stuff... but even these are not enough for the stuff jlesk has been pumping out of late. Holy mother of God that stuff is scary.


That's hilarious!!


George W. Bush lowered taxes so that big corporations, the Jews, and Republicans could invade Michael Moore.

This one's so close to the truth it hurts.


Please enlighten us with "the truth".


Very cool, BB.


That was a joke, sarcasm, glib comment. WTF. Lighten up Sparky.


Evidently you have trouble spotting sarcasm when it comes from someone else. I even used quotation marks to highlight the obvious. I'll write slower next time.


Oh oh... does this mean we'll have a lot of new wacky threads soon?


How about:

GW Bush outlawed E=mc^2 so that conventional weapons would now be considered WMDs.


Rainjack, this clearly won't make a difference since he won't be able to read your words until you post. At that point he'll read it at his own speed, so the ball's in his court. I don't know how you could possibly think otherwise.



Ah yes I understand now, sorry if it took me awhile, you'll debase my post by questioning my intelligence. How clever.