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Conspiracy Theories

The other night I watched a documentary that was quite persuasive in it’s argument that the moon landings were nothing more than an elaboratly staged hoax. It has definitely piqued my interest in investigating the issue further to ascertain both sides of the argument. I remember a while back analysing the various JFK conspiracys and to this day am convinced that it was definitely a coup detat. My question is are there any conspiracy theories that have had you thinking that maybe…


September 11. I am still not happy with official version.

I saw that moon thing too awhile back… does get you thinking… i used to think that we landed on the moon but now i wonder…

Let me think…um…no. Hurrr! You watch too much tv dude.

I have one and that is fortune cookies are always true.

The Roswell crash of 1947, in New Mexico. That has to be the worst job of any cover-up the government has ever tried to pull off. Radar confirmation, hundreds of eye-witnesses,and dozens threatend with their life if they talked. All for a high altitude balloon with speakers listening for Soviet bomb tests? Oh, I believe that one. If anyone gave 10 minutes to “research” this event would see the governments lame attempts at a cover-up. The JFK assassination wreaks(sp?)of a government cover-up.

The retarded responses so far are suprisingly unexpected. Oh well, whatever.

I don’t know. Personally I think our bureaucracies are to fucked up to conspire to buy a ham sandwich let alone great conspiracies. But one of the funniest things I ever heard a comedian say was that whenever a new president gets sworn in, he is taken to a secret room and shown film of the Kennedy assassination from an angle noone else has ever seen before.Then the folks that show him that hand him his policy decisions and ask"Got any questions?"

Check out some of the skeptic web sites. They have a lot of info on bullshit like faked moonlanding,alien autopsies etc.

The Waco massacre. My roommates and I went to the Branch Davidian compound during Spring Break in 1994. We went to the burn unit at the Shriner hospital and talked to some of the survivers. In theory, the place was a CIA safehouse and the government needed to cover up something. Anyway, we left the compound (after being threatened at gunpoint twice by rent-a-cops) with 12 cans of the old Freon, some letters from convicts writing to a jailhouse lawyer who was in the compound (fascinating stuff), and a really good recipe for making crystal meth.

I think it was Benjamin Franklin that said “Three men can keep a secret if two of them are dead.” These consp. theories are silly. We can’t even keep real stuff secret when we need to. In my experience, fascination with this sort of thing and knowledge of history, physics, etc (i.e. how the world really is) are inversly proportional. Do yourself a fovor, read something real – How about The Guns of August, or The Second World War by Keegan? That should persuade you that a gov’t can’t find its ass with both hands, much less keep the most spectacular discovery ever a secret for years.

Why are the responses on this thread retarded? Since you took the time to post I guess you have some reason. Do you not think JFK was part of a conspiracy. You probably laugh at people when they bring up UFO’s and the like. Do some research, you might be surprised on what you find.

With all of the terrible shit that governments get caught doing, it amazes me that some people still focus their efforts on proving that the moon landing was a fraud. Meanwhile, their own civil rights as secured by the U.S. Constitution are being legislated away piece by piece. Sad.

jfk, rfk, and mlk were all definitley conspiracies involving some or all of the following wall street, oilmen, cia, the mob,and military industrial complex, and i believe something went on prior to 9/11 which probably involved the cia, wallstreet and rich oilmen , that may have had something to do with building an oil pipeline.i also believe that bush, cheney,the clintons, and gore are all guilty of insider trading… so yeah you can say i’m pretty cynical, but i believe people are capable of anything as all the scandals on wallstreet have proven of late, and i believe that people who don’t believe any of these conspiracies are actually nieve and need to open their eyes. “man has an insatiable appetite for monay and power.”

Something about 9/11 bothers me, but nothing that would convince me it’s a direct conspiracy liked to the US government. Of course, I could believe that the American Military/Industrial complex took advantage of the statement, but even I’m not so cynical to say they would have killed thousands in the middle of a sunny day in plain sight to accomplish it. However, the fact that the stock market was doing some very funny things (including massive short sales of American and United airlines), indicates that there was some big money behind the whole debacle…I just don’t have a clue whose money…Arab? American? Arab-American? Serbo-Croatian? ok the last one might be a stretch, but you never know…

The other thing that always strikes me interesting is how ‘Skeptics’ are not. Really look up the definition of a skeptic and look at the motivations and actions of people who have pirated that term for their own self-aggrandizement. It’s sort of like the word ‘liberal.’ Any investigation into the history and definition of that word would indicate that the majority of people who call themselves by that term…are not.

Regarding the moon landing, the television series made me think quite a bit at first, but most of the moon-hoax theories can be countered by a few simple facts…such as how light, perception, and motion change dramatically in a zero-atmosphere enviroment.

I personally belive President Bush is really Richard Simmons in disguise…

… Kurt Cobain was murdered

Dustin, sorry your reply was posted after I submitted my comment. I was commenting on a couple of remarks made earlier in the thread. In regards to the Roswell incident, I have personally never looked too much into it, but it sounds interesting. Conspiracy theories are a tricky social phenomenon - often they sound totally plausible - but then there is the aspect of people “wanting to believe” that there are hidden agendas and dominant cabals pulling strings “behind the scenes”. They simply interest me in the same way that others are interested in forensic murder or serial killer cases.

Doogie, I agree the WACO massacre is another one of those suspicious incidents given the facts surrounding the incident.

To the cynics - to argue that many modern day conspiracies are “silly” belys the fact that there have been a number of proven conspiracies throughout history. When assessing the likelihood of any conspiracy I think one needs to investigate the motivations of the primary actors involved in the conspiracy. I don’t hestitate for a second to espouse the theory that if someone with enough power and clout can pull off something and succesfully cover it up they will - The fact that most governments are beauracratic nightmares actually aids in keeping the secret - a simple case of the right hand not knowing (or not caring) what the left hand is doing.

I find that many people that dismiss conspiracies out of hand without properly researching both sides of the argument are close minded at best and totally naive. But thanks to everyone for putting forward their thoughts.

I don’t mean to single you out, but how are our civil rights being given away or legistaled away or whatever you said. I feel that it’s my duty to help misguided folks. Again, I don’t mean to be disrespeful but it has been my experience that people who make those kind of remarks really don’t understand the constitution and our system of government. LL