Consistently Getting Banned from Steroid Forums Everywhere

i am consistently getting banned from the gear forums and having registration issues. this is irritating. i had no idea these guys were so sensitive and controlling. i think saying that i don’t believe in god got them started. that and the fact that i’m not republican, but instead a kind of liberal. i’m either going to set up shop here, or just generate a new e mail. BUT THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT I’M CHANGING or regretting a damn thing. i will make a place where i want. always

does anyone agree with this philosophy???

I thought it was common knowledge that one of the side effects of steroid use was a strong dislike for anyone that don’t believe in God

and your right, this is irritating. I have no idea why your having problems fitting in with normal adults…


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How can you not believe in God when we’ve shown you the Devil in the latest election?

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now you guys are funny. some people just cant take a joke i tell ya. i only got thrown off that site because of my opinions on the existence of god, the meaning of life, and my political affirmations.

kd13 nice sarcasm. if you think you are normal and think you are holding something over me then you have a narcissistic tendency, which technically doesn’t make you normal. it makes you full of crap. normal adults my ass. normal adults dont do gear, or body build. that’s a statistical fact. most adults are also mostly stupid.

who believes me? somebody here has to say yes.

so normal adults believe in god?

gods not real… lmao

Statistical fact? Please provide the statistics.

also I’m confused, so your normal but bodybuilding and steroid use is not normal, your discussing bodybuilding and steroid use on a forum for that stuff, so that also makes you not normal, and not only am I not normal because I think your posts are not normal behaviour I also have a personality disorder.

I’m pretty confused but statistically that fits with your facts about the numbers of stupid people.

maybe I miss judged and you will provide great knowledge and contributions to this forum…and maybe just maybe there is a god.

I never said i was normal. i just know what it isn’t.

thanks Kd13. i appreciate your honesty and respect for my opinion. I’m nothing special smarts wise and i’m T00-$MALL. i’m as stubborn as they come though. i need a forum for support and knowledge sharing. i’m looking for a new home/forum.

i’m not sure if i have a personality disorder, but i am an A-hole

My advise would be to stay away from gear and the steroid forum and read as much as you can about training and nutrition.

This is my advise without being sarcastic or taking the piss, you have no need to be even thinking about gear and I’m sure that’s probably why you don’t get very far on steroid forums.

Saying that you do not believe in god and which party you support is a nice way make friends in an unrelated forum

Im going to guess the problem is in bringing a less than nice style of political discussion into a group that is not about hard core politics. And the atheist vs all believers debates tends to start out on a big "you are so stupid and I am so smart’ position. That is just my observation of these things. What gives me this idea? You post this in Pharma as is that has anything to do with this

Those guys will love you and ban me for saying anything past hello. I find it best to leave those who do not want me around alone.

Hello! I find everything you believe in stupid. Now that I have insulted you lets talk about Trenbolone :grinning:

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i know a good bit about gear, nutrition and training. i brew my own gear :
) i don’t get far on the forums because when i get bored on my free time i
act an ass. lol. i basically troll for my stupid amusement. Austin Powers Doctor Evil Talks About Himself - YouTube it pisses people off and gets me in trouble. i guess it could be called attention seeking. the the attention is really not where i get my jollys. my jollys come from your reactions, and/or the outrageous claims i make publicly.

i had close to 900 posts and was so close to being promoted… that doesn’t even count the 1000 i had prior to getting thrown off the first time…

Yes I know reactions are what trolls are all about. So you know why you get kicked off. Because you are an asshole sometimes. And that is not unintentional you do it intentionally. So don’t cross that line. You sure as hell know where it is having crossed it a few times

yes, Sir. That’s true

Doesn’t admitting to being a troll almost completely undermine the idea of being a troll?

i get bored and act stupid. it’s not malicious/intentional. trust me undermined or not I can act an ass. impulsive mania mostly.

Sadly not everyone takes that very well. It has never bothered me, but it drives a lot of people crazy.

If you get the bug go over to Politics and World Issues. I’m sure they can handle it

Just don’t tell us you are steriodsR4losers who post on every bodybuilding clip on YouTube.

lol, i’m confused. I am not that guy, or gal, but i do have something crazy to share. i dreamed last night that a new surgery had come about. the example i saw was a body builder with mechanical shoulders. the augment literally became his shoulders, and traps. the neck was also replaced. i saw some details of the modification and heard some descriptive information about the drawbacks of being made into an ultra strong steroid using cyborg. it was cool. i found myself considering it even if it meant loosing part of myself. i do become a different person when my test levels go beyond natural alpha levels.

i’m actually back here to talk about raloxifene. i’m currently taking it and i feel like it’s removing fat from my chest. it’s pretty damn cool.