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Consistent Protein Levels or Peak?


I was reading an article on here about the MAG-10 Pulse Fast and Christian Thibaudaeu said this in one of the Q & A's

It got me thinking, does this apply to all of us? Or just the fasters on MAG-10? I always read you're supposed to have consistent levels of protein in your system.


Well its hard to keep protein levels HIGH all day, but I imagine it would have a negative effect.

Personal experience, having protein "peaks" or consuming 20 or more grams 3-4 hours appart works best for me. Cant say it would work for anyone else though, different strokes for different folks.

Also remember hes trying to sell the stuff, so take it with a grain of salt.

My 2 cents.


Yeah of course, I was just wondering if the science worked in general as well. I try to do what you do too, 20-30g every 3-4 hours.


That's not a lot of protein.. ?




i read a test on pubmed that shows whole food protein is digested at a rate of 4 to 6g per hour where as whey is digested at about 10g per hour .casien is somewhere in the middle if i remember correct


I'm going to keep killing 1-1.5g/lb each day -- it works for me!