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Consistent. My Log

I like working out. I like feeling sore. I’m weird like that. So I figured why not try to get serious about it since I am gf free now lol)

Height: 5-2
Weight: 165
Don’t know my 1rm yet, and do not know my body fat% but I am assuming its about 30%

Before pics coming soon.

My workout plan is this:

Tuesday: Hamstrings, Calves, Abs
Wednesday: Chest, Triceps, Forearms
Thursday: Quads, Shoulders, Calves
Friday: Back, Biceps, Forearms
Saturday: I have my son
Sunday: I have my son
Monday: I have my son

Kinda a weird workout schedule but will see how it works and I do pushups, weightfree squats and what not when Im not at the gym.

Anyway here goes.

Day 1

Lying leg curls- 70x12 85x12 85x12 100x7 85x12
Seated leg curls- 80x12 90x12 90x12 100x10
SLDL 60x12 80x12- 80x12<—think my lower back is holding me back on these
Rotary calf machine thingy- 85x12 115x12 145x12 175x12x9sets
hanging leg lifts- BWx12 BWx10 BWx10 BWx10
rotary torso machine- 55x10 55x12 55x12 55x12
decline sit ups BWx10 BWx6 BWx6 BWx6

Day 2

Triceps press machine-55x12 85x12 85x12 100x12
Chin/Dip machine dips(the weight works opposite on this) 55x12 40x10 55x12 55x12
Triceps pulldown-60x10 45x12 45x12 45x12
Cable crossovers-60x12 70x10 70x10 70x10
Bench press-50x7 50x8 50x7
Incline bench machine-70x12 85x12 85x10 85x9
Forearm work at home

Day 3(today so far)
30 minutes jogging on treadmill(am)