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Consistent High Hemoglobin. Any Way to Fix?

I’ve been on TRT about 9yrs now. I’m 41… haven’t changed my dose in 5yrs 200mg T cyp weekly.
I blast about 2x a yr last 6yrs or so…
I give whole blood every 2 months to reduce hemoglobin but it’s always around 18-19.3

Besides trying to dump blood every 30 days what else can I do to drop it?

Does this mean I should stop cruising and blasting & just embrace old age?

Sounds like you would have to cruise on a lower dose.

Try cruising at 125mg, you’d still have more T than a natural 22 y/o stud in the 99th percentile.

Donating too often will tank Ferrari, give symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia.

You say you’re last blast was 6 yrs ago

I’d say lower the Cruise dose.

No my last blast was last summer. I blast 2x a year.