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Consistency of Body Fat Monitoring Scales

I’m aware body fat monitoring scales are wildly inaccurate, but are they consistent?

As I understand they only really estimate body fat in legs as the small current they monitor takes the path of least resistance up one leg then down the other, and are affected by level of hydration.

I’d like to know if they are consistent. I’ve been losing fat in a calorie deficit for several months now and want to up food intake when I start a 531 programme, but am wary of gaining back fat too quickly.

I weigh myself daily first thing in the morning, so in a similar state of hydration as I’ve not drank anything for about 7 hrs each time. The bf estimate of the scales seems to have been dropping steadily and doesn’t fluctuate much, can I trust that if weight is going up, but the bf reading is not I’m gaining muscle?

Buddy of mine bought one off amazon. $36. We tested it over a few days, same time every day. It was always within .1-.4 of its BF reading. After that I had a dexa scan, scale wasn’t accurate but seemed to be repeatable.

So the % it gives may be off, but it will be OK for monitoring increase or decrease?

Sorry just read that again, it is consistent.

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By the way, thanks for asking all the questions in you 531 thread, I’m going to start bbb soon and it help me get my head round a few things.

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