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Considering Yoga to Relax Muscles


I know how queer this sounds but I am seriously considering taking some yoga classes to balance relax my muscles and to keep a supple musculature. After a few work outs last week I feel my body stiff and like the tin man in need of oiling. Yet not in a erotic will farrel in ladies man kind of way, although that would be nice.


I also am swimming which I feel really gives me balance and muscular alignment. (Im New) im relaxing and rejuvinating myself after I fuck myself up doing my chump 3 sets of 10 repetitions on my full body program. I am 5'11 and 157lbs and I am all muscle under the flab baby.

What do you think about YOGA

Charlie Murphy


How is yoga queer?

Go for it.


Yoga = awesome compliment to weight training. Queer? Only if you think it is.

I've been doing yoga now three days/week on my non-weight training days. Been at it three months. I've seen my flexibility and balance both increase tremendously. Moreover, if I skip a day, I find myself missing the psychological aspect of it, the mental relaxation that comes with. Go figure!

Know that there are different yoga varieties and flavors just as there are different weight training philosophies. Some yoga is more stretch oriented. Other schools attempt a muscle burn. So, if your first experience isn't what you expected, you might look around.

Just be sure to check your ego at the door. I guarantee you'll find some 5'2" female hottie in there busting moves you'll have no remote hope of achieving--all while your own shoulders quiver at your first "down dog".



Just found this. If you still think yoga's queer, tell it to Laird Hamilton:

...Or to Genghis Khan:

"He?s deeply into yoga and reminds that notorious warriors under Genghis Khan did 1,000 sun salutations to start their day." (As quoted in Laird's book)



Just do it.


If they tried to teach Yoga in America the way it's taugh in India. They would either be sued into ruins or imprisoned for physical abuse. There is so much more to Yoga than you can possible imagine. Give it a good google search.


Go for it!


You got to be queer to do this shit.


Namaste Yoga the best reason to watch Fit TV. 20-25 minute (if you fast forward thru commercials) yoga workouts. Awesome show whether you participate or just watch.




the only thing keeping me from doing yoga is the thought that if i show up to a class and im the only guy, girls will think im there to primarily get laid. which wouldn't be the case at all.


I got 4 free visits from someone at christmas but with my luck it will be like going to a movie and getting stuck sitting behind some tall dude, but in this case it would be some land whale in a leopard skin body suit.No doubt it's effective though.


That One Guy is on the money.

The only issue I am having is what if you get a RAGING BONER during yoga. I actually did yoga once at this place in my city and I was getting so horny because of the instructors hot ass.

Actually I am going to start swimming its free and I am on a budget. Maybe Ill try to pick up some hot yoga girl in the park and maybe she will teach me Tantra or something cool like.


You may also want to try massage. You can save a lot of money if you can find a massage school or a school with a massage program. Usually the cost can be up 60% less.


I wouldn't sweat that. In my experience there's at least one gratuitously shirtless skinny dude per class.


Allow me to share a little personal experience.

Last fall I found myself in the beginner's yoga class at my local Gold's Gym. Looking back, it's not really all that clear why I decided to give yoga a shot, but I was there nonetheless. Upon entering the gym, I promptly scanned the free-weight area to make sure no one that I trained with would spot me following the line of dainty, spandex-clad females into the separate aerobics/spin area. It's worth noting that while I was not the only man in the class, I was certainly the only T-man.

The two other guys in the class looked as though they were making a point to try and hide the fact that they possessed a pair of testicles between their emaciated, chicken legs. Other than those two fruit cups, I found myself surrounded by generally fit, attractive women. Nice! As the session began, I came to another sudden realization... Yoga. Is. Tough.

Go ahead, laugh, but after the 45 min. "beginner's" class was over, I was sweating like a whore in church. The instructor was pretty nutty, and would often try to slip extremely left-wing political propaganda into her instruction, saying things like "Lean until you feel a nice stretch in your obliques. No war for oil...Just relax and focus on your brething..." She then had us wrap up the session with 5 minutes of meditation in the dark. I was so over this bullshit by the time we were sent on our way.

But when I got up to put away my little mat, I realized that I felt incredibly high. The sort of high like I had just smoked a huge fatty of kind herb after having sex with a perfect 10 model. I felt so good that I waited around the gym for 15 minutes before driving home...I felt so good, I literally did not think it safe to drive. Anyways, I ended up going back 2 or 3 more times, but eventually quit to pursue other interests such as squatting, deadlifting, and benching heavy pieces of iron. (That, and the fact that the guys I trained with had caught on and gave me a ration of shit.) But I still remember how good I felt after that first session of yoga. I would say to the OP to go for it. Give it a shot. If nothing else, the experience will be worth it.




Bro, I have done Yoga and it's not that relaxing. Get ready for some pain young man. The 'relaxing' is that it feels good when you stop.


Sporting teams use yoga as apart of there recovery and have done for a few years now so I guess if its good for them and they are looking after Million dollar players its good enough for the ever day person.



Ask anyone who has tried P90X and they will tell you Yoga is the toughest disc in the deck.