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Considering Using, Please Help

 Hey, im 18, 6'1'', about 195 lbs....ive been working out pretty intensly for a little over a year now. Ive experimented with Muscle Milk which put on alot of mass for me and am currently using Cell Tech. Granted ive seen very good results so far i was still recently considering pill form steriods.

I am only interested in doing about 2 cycles and hopefully just retaining what i put on in that time frame. which supplement would you guys consider for retaining the muscle. i also would prefer one that wouldnt put fat on me and basically not have terrible side affects. obviously i wont be able to get a miracle pill but i just want direction and inside info on what you all think. thanks....


Only 18 and working out for a year? I'll say it nicer than most will: Keep lifting and eating right for now. You are not ready for AAS. Your hormones are still in flux and will be for a few more years. Don't risk your overall health for a quick couple of pounds.


If you're still putting on from "expirimenting" with a protein powder, why would you use steroids.

At 18 steroids could really mess you up you're not even out of puberty yet. Work hard, eat big, come back in 5-6 years.


true true...im still putting on a litttle weight...but i feel like ive hit a wall almost...but i certainly hear where you guys are coming from...thanks...any other suggestions or opinions?


Eat big, train hard, and sleep lots. stick to that for about five years, and then tell us about the wall you hit. You haven't even begun to tap into your natural potential.


I eat alot of chicken, tuna, and granola cereal, i drink alot of water as well and stay away from a lot of quote unquote "crap". anything wrong with what im eating and anything else you suggest for a diet...thnks


Ok, lets start by defining "a lof of". Can you guesstimate your calories a day? How about total grams of protein a day? Meal timing is important too. Can you eat every 3-4 hours? Also, what does your routine look like?


Do everything you can to stay healthy and maximize your own natural testosterone levels.

If you're serious then:

  1. Don't drink alcohol or smoke butts.
  2. Don't do drugs
  3. Take antioxidants & Calcium D-Glucarate
  4. Eat protein
  5. Eat nuts
  6. Eat fruits and veggies
  7. Get enough sleep
  8. Do 5x5 sets and lift heavy with slow negatives.


ok lets see, my routine is mon-sat....1st day: forearms and shoulders, 2nd day:upper back and bi's, 3rd day: legs and lower back, 4th: chest and tri's...and so on as the days fall in order. i usually throw in abs at the end of my work outs every 3rd day.

meal is usually no breakfast. 1130 lunch usually, usually 4 grilled chicken cutlets. snack on fruit or cereal during the day. dinner at about 5, same amount of chicken. snack on some more fruit probably. idk if i can get more exact for you, id like to give you total calories but im not really sure. ill also rotate that chicken with tuna some days but not alot. thats about all i have for now...


Good luck stopping after your two cycles!


No breakfast? That is big mistake #1. You need to eat a breakfast that contains complex carbs and protein. Your body has been fasting during your sleep, so it needs energy quick when you wake up. Then you need another smaller high protein meal a couple hours later. Your lunch is fine, and snacking on fruit is fine. You should have some from of post workout meal too. You'll find gobs of good reviews on Surge, and I advocate it as well. After that PWO meal, you should be tapering the carbs down and your last meal should be mainly protein. You should also be eating vegetables with the meals after lunch.

You can find calorie calculators online that will give you an estimate of how many calories you should consume to make gains.

As far as you routine, there are better ones out there. In fact look at the many listed here and pick one that matches your goals.


Your diet sucks ass.

You eat only 2 meals, bump it upto 5-7.
Have your first meal when you wake up. If you aren't hungry when you wake up (I'm not) eat anyway.
Eat more vegtables and greens. You should be eating a TON of vegetables and starches.
Eat some different things other than chicken and tuna.
Weigh and record what you eat everyday for 1 month. Review it with someone semi-competent.

Other notes: Unless your bench is over 400 pounds and your sqaut is over 500 I wouldn't consider AAS, its not practical. If you must use something, buy some creatine or Methoxy-7 or some thing to burn your dollars on without destroying your health. Start changing your routine and learning.


Hey there mrclean,

I am a graduate student in physical therapy who has EXTENSIVE knowledge of anat & phys. Listen to me right here. DO NOT TAKE ANABOLIC STEROIDS AT AGE 18!
This is not coming from an atni-steroid person in the medical community, as I have a stash of nandrolone waiting for me for when I have everything in my life set up to best benefit an AAS cycle.

I have also trained people as a strength coach for more than 5 years now, and hear all the time "I have hit a wall!" Generally, I tweak a thing or two in their diet or workout and they see amazing changes. All the teenagers I have coached have grown consistently like weeds. Anytime someone asks about anabolic steroids, I don't try to scare them off, but try to inform them of everything I can to make them make a smart decision. Hopefully, after reading a bit more here a listening to me, you'll come to the same conclusion.


This kid doesn't eat breakfast and wants to take steroids...what a joke.

BTW, you eat like a girl...pussy.


thanks for all the tips guys....really appreciate it. as for more about the diet, dont get me wrong i eat alot of vegis and fruits and alot of cereal which classifys as a starch i assume? secondly i have been under the impression that if i eat soooo much id put on alot of fat, i wanna gain muscle but i want to stay lean. as long as i train will i be fine?


kael....ur a dousche...i said i was interested in looking...dont need ur opinon cock...


As long as you eat the right things in the right proportions and are dedicated in your training, you will grow without excess body fat. Eating too little will get you nowhere fast.


Like it or not though, he is right. You are not eating enough. No matter what your training is like, if you don't eat enough, you won't grow.

Even if you took steriods now (don't do that, by the way), you wouldn't get the most out of them due to your diet.

First step - eat your goddamn breakfast.


Let's put this in perspective. This is the diet of a 155lbs, 5'11", very attractive woman on this site:

The following is a typical day in the life of my diet. I'm hoping to get some feedback about my food choices, caloric intake, and p/f/c breakdown.

Meal One
fish and flax oil caps
1/2 c oatmeal and 1 c fruit mixed into a smoothie
4-6 eggs

Meals Two through Five
1 chicken breast 1/2 c veggies... totalling 4 chicken breasts and 2 cups veggies throughout the day

Somewhere in the day I'll lift and use Surge during and after.

I take a multivitamin, vit C, and calcium.

If I'm hungry throughout the day I eat, usually snacking on an apple or nuts. I have salmon instead of fish for one meal 1-2 times per week and I add rice or sweet potatoes to my meals on days that I lift.

This comes out as being roughly 1620 calories per day with 86 g carbs/ 165.3 g p/ 70.8 g f."

There is not a lot of difference between your diet and her's.



Honestly, dude, you're retarded. You have done the equivalent of asking a nutritionist if it's alright to eat french fries if you don't put ketchup on them.

Perhaps you should do a little reading?