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I have been lifting on and off for the past 2-3 years. I've got really serious about it for the past 7 months or so, lifting 5-6 times a week and monitoring my diet religiously. I am 26 years old and weigh in around 190 lbs at around 15-16% body fat.

The catalyst for AAS consideration was me recently getting my testosterone results back. They are incredibly low for someone my age (Total Test = 91 / Free Test = 1.9). As you can imagine this news was devastating to me. I have a follow up visit with my doctor to discuss TRT although I am concerned about his treatment method (he wanted to start out at 200mg of cypionate every month and monitor test after 3 months). If I can't convince him to at least do 200mg every 2 weeks I am heavily going to consider starting a cycle because of the peaks and valleys his method will obviously create (possibly worsening the situation).

What are your thoughts on my situation?

What would you recommend for my first cycle?

Thank you in advance for your advice and contributions.


200 every month with test that low? FFS go see a better doctor. They should be giving you 200 every week. Most anti-aging clinics or mens health clinics keep them around 800-1000.

That being said I would just go with test to start off and get your body back on track.


cruise on 150mg test E/C

blast on whatever.. make sure you run AI, support supplements, and keep an eye on your blood pressure. Get ultrasounds on your organs at least 2x a year.

looks like you hare going to have a long relationship with the needle


Either his doctor is stupid or his dcotors insurance sucks...