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Considering TRT. Test Numbers and Concerns

Im 34 years old have what I would consider to be a normal libido (certainly down from what I would consider to be abnormally high a few years ago) I would be taking TRT to help with my focus, sleep and building more muscle. Id just like an extra edge in life so to speak.

Here are my Test Results (Let me know what I should copy and paste since people might not want to click on the links)



These are the tests I had done … If there were others that I should have added please let me know.
CBC & CMP $47.99

Testosterone, Total, Serum $50.49

Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and Free T4 $55.99

My main concerns are

  1. Off and on my wife and I have tried to have kids without success. Neither of us have gone to the Dr for it because it wasn’t a big concern or like we were making a constant effort to do so. (recently I did get a sperm analysis) I also drank and partied A LOT so i’m sure that didn’t help things. I have been sober for 4 months, didn’t have a problem but I certainly decided to make some life changes. I’m concerned that if I start doing test I will produce less sperm and have a tougher time in getting my wife pregnant when we actually do become serious about it. That being said I recently tested my sperm and had extremely positive results well above average.

  2. I’m naturally a very moody person. I tell people that I actually live angry 24/7 and the anger actually helps me get through the day. Im at a good level and have got very far in my life being the way that I am but anything more might make it very bad. I don’t want the testosterone to negatively affect my mood.

  3. Im not sure if the tests checked Estrogen levels but I must have a high level of it. I have had Man Tits since I was a kid. Doesn’t matter how skinny I was back in the day they were always there. Im worried about getting even bigger man tits. Right now with working out consistently ive been able to reduce the size so that my “chest” seems more mans muscular then it does bitch titts.

I’m not seeing your hormone panel, just the same labs posted twice. TRT will almost completely suppress LH and FSH while on TRT and not all men will become infertile on TRT. There are a couple of things you can do after initiating TRT to increase your chances at children, you can add HCG and FSH injections to your TRT protocol or you can stop TRT and use clomid to restore HPTA axis -> LH and FSH.


The Total T is the inactive portion of testosterone, would advise you test SHBG and Free T. If SHBG were on the high end Free T would be affected negatively. A guy like me with low SHBG would thrive at 455, my Free T would be somewhere on the high end, but a guy with high SHBG would start to feel subpar if not down right terrible.

Just posted the updated page on my blood tests.