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Considering TRT, Help with Labs

Just an update after some new blood tests.

LH: 2.0 (1.5 - 9.0) U/L
FSH: 4.5 (1.4 - 18.0) IU/L
SHBG: 21 (15 - 95) nmol/L
Testosterone: 14.5 (5.7 - 26.1) nmol/L
Prolactin: 679 h (45 - 375) nmol/L
Bioav. Testo.: 8.5 (2.5 - 12.0) nmol

The thyroid test turned out to be the same test for TSH, but I’ve been referred to an andrologist.

Even with the imrovement in levels between tests, could testosterone still possibly be a cause of all my symptoms?
I saw a specialist today, he said everything was fine, but also disagreed with what I’ve read here about getting a full thyroid panel, said that the TSH test was fine.

That’s unfortunate. Many believe that because that is what they were taught and they have not moved off of their original belief. It’s difficult to do, but there is T4 and there is T3 and there are free versions of those hormones, and freeT3 is the one that works in the body, which is why we make it.