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Considering this Routine. Is it too Much?


Hello everyone.

I've very inconsistently worked out for years, but I am now in a position to get more serious. Right now, I am 6 ft, 199 lbs. Probably about 20% body fat.Not that muscular, but not skinny. Pretty girthy all around. Except my penis :confused:

I don't have a current picture of myself on hand but my current body looks a lot like Kareem Guirguis in his before pictures (winner of the T-Nation Inferno Challenge).


I'm not trying to be Arnold or anything. My primary goal right now is fat loss. My ideal physique is (don't laugh) Cristiano Ronaldo or Ryan Kwanten.I don't expect to get there quickly so I will go for as long as it takes.


Kwanten: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/08/06/article-2717409-204AC7A500000578-14_634x792.jpg

The workout:
Now that you know what I'm going for, I want to ask about the best way to get there. I've done a few workouts from Meltdown Training and enjoyed them. I'm not trying to be one of those "WHICH ROUTINE IS BEST?!" guys, but I am very intrigued by Thibs' 6 Weeks to Superhero Routine as well. Seems like those complexes would be great for fat loss. Are there any opinions here on which is more optimal with the primary goal of fat loss in mind?

Would it also be too much if I added 20-30 minutes of HIIT every morning? I really want to build up my stamina, which is shit right now. I would do the lifting routines in the evenings and cardio first thing when I wake up.

Additionally, I'm pretty concerned about losing the little muscle that I have now during this routine. I've read mixed feelings on using creatine during a cut, but it seems like the majority of people think this is a good idea to maintain muscle. However, I will be using HOT-ROX as well. Does it make sense to use creatine and HOT-ROX?

Thanks for the help.


You’re using a proven program, which is good.
You’re doing HIIT instead of jogging, which is good.
You haven’t mentioned food in a post about cutting, that’s extremely bad.
Your mind should be thinking food before it thinks supplements.


[quote]bdiddy78 wrote:
Are there any opinions here on which is more optimal with the primary goal of fat loss in mind?[/quote]
People have gotten results with both, so no, it doesn’t matter at all which one you do. What matter is that you stick with it for longer than a few weeks.

First of all, yes it probably would. Secondly, when cardio first thing in the morning is advised, it’s pretty much always lower intensity work.

Preserving muscle should always be a concern when dropping fat, but you have no real muscle to worry about. Keep your focus on eating right and following a smart training plan, and you won’t have any issue.

Like Dagill said, you’re not in a position to be using HOT-ROX. Not only is that a supplement you should “earn” by already having your diet and training in place, but a lot of guys see better results by adding a fat burner only when “basic” fat loss progress starts to slow down. Consider following the program for 6 uninterrupted weeks, check your progress, and then consider adding a fat burner.

Creatine is another supplement where I feel it’s best “earned” by having an intense training plan already in place. It’s a super-useful and crazy-beneficial supplement, but it is a supplement.


I would stick with meltdown training, I believe there is meltdown 2 also if you want a bit of variety