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Considering Test to Gain Weight

Stats - 34yrs, 6’, 173 pounds(ish), 10%bf

Hey peeps, I’m 34yrs old and have been training for 15yrs (ish). I have always been very lean and have never weighed more than 178 pounds. My body fat is usually around 9 or 10% and I am usually pretty ripped up. I have trouble gaining weight as my metabolism is insane, the other factor is I can’t eat like King Kong, I never could.

I would love to weigh 185-190lbs and need assistance with a diet/supplementation plan, keeping in mind that I find it impossible to eat 6 meals a day while working full time and having a family etc. I have also been researching a test cycle to get me there, I have never experimented with a cycle before and am curious if I am simply wasting boatloads of money on supplements? Any info or tips would be appreciated!

How do you plan on maintaining that new weight once you’ve come off your cycle, if you don’t eat enough?

Well the overall goal is to effectively change my eating habits so I eat more. Do you have any diet plans available?

you just have to learn to eat like it’s homework. A good bit of advice I got is that your meals should intimidate you.

Barricade is right though, if you are not eating to support the new muscle it’ll just disappear

Well you need to change your eating habits before you start cycling. At first it’s hard eating 6-8 times a day but once you get used to it every 2-3 hours hunger will just come up and hit you.