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Considering Switching to Olympic Lifting...

Yeah yeah, I know the Olympics is on, but this isn’t what inspired this post.

During my Marine Corps career, I’ve experienced just about every form of physical fitness: marathon running, swimming, iron man, boxing, MMA, Crossfit, gymnastics, and dabbled in Olympic lifting…and loved it. I’m due out of the Corps at the end of the month and will be heading back to school in the SF Bay Area, with intent to xfer to UC Berkeley.

In NorCal, there is some top coaches (Glenn Pendley). I’ve never been coached in Olympic Lifting, but have always wanted. I do believe I have good form with the lifts. Just cant decide if id rather compete in bodybuilding or Olympic lifting. Honestly, I feel more unique and proud when Im doing Oly lifts at the gym on base, than doing a regular BB split

I know Catalyst Athletics in Sunnyvale is a really good lifting gym. Price is reasonable I guess, 99$ a month. About double what I pay for my 24hour fitness membership.

I need to really make a decision. I love getting big, and looking big…But I feel more proud, unique and enjoy the complex lifts.

Glenn Pendlay has relocated to the MDUSA facility in South Carolina. That said, there’s nothing more satisfying than holding a personal best C&J or snatch over your head.

No reason why you can’t get/stay big whilst doing olympic lifts. I’m currently doing the programme supposedly used by Kendrick Farris et al and it does just that. In fact this is the biggest and strongest i’ve ever been.
It incorporates the classic lifts with a heavy focus on pulls, squats and presses.

Competing in oly lifting is far more conducive to having a normal life than competing in BBing. I’ve done both and no way would I ever want to put myself through a pre-contest diet again. If you like having a life outside of the gym then I’d definitely say go with the weightlifting, plus like you say, it’s more “interesting”. BBer’s wish they were as athletic as WLers, PLer’s wish they were as explosive as WLers and everyone else wishes they were as strong as WLers.

All in all weightlifting is sexy, everything else is not! :smiley:

Do it mate. No reason why you can’t get big doing Oly stuff.

Just throw in a few upperbody exercises when you can be bothered = job done.


Im definently going to get in contact with that gym, and get the ball rolling. Now to start scouring the net for a good Oly lifting program. I had a real good one I was using when I started Oly lifts, but deleted it from favorites : (

Would you guys recommend me throwing down the cash to get a coach at Catalyst Athletics?

If you’re going to sign up there, Greg will put you on a program. I would start with Pendlay’s beginner program and run that until you get started at Catalyst. It’s on Pendlay forum under articles.