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Considering Switching from E3D to Once a Week

Has anyone made this kind of change and if you did what was your experience like? I’m also doing .3 (200mg) E3D so I would go to .6 (200mg) once a week IM.

Go ahead. It shouldnt be an issue. 200mg is no big deal as long you can handle the larger dose in one shot in regards to how you aromatase and are ok with a spike in T, E, and DHT, which will eventually lower as you get closer to the next shot. As long you have decent SHBG, a single shot should carry you well into a full week.

I guess if I do .6 it would be 120mg a week.

Forget about the volume of what you’re injecting. Just post how many mg’s you are injecting. You mentioned 200mg twice in your original post, and now 120mg/wk. Just do it and stick with it for life if it makes no difference wether you inject once or twice. 120mg is a low dose so depending on SHBG, you may need to go back to twice a week. Just try it and if you feel tired or spent by the end of the week, go back. If no difference, no biggie

I actually just switched yesterday. E3D back to weekly.

I went from appx 100mg split E3D to 125mg once a week.

100 mg of TC once a week here. No difference vs 50 mg twice a week. Also started back with hCG at 500 IU 3x per week.

Doing my best to not let dosing creep up. SHBG currently 40 down from 55-58 pre-TRT.