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Considering Surge Workout Fuel


but first I'm after some input/ideas...

I have a problem. I can't eat food after my weigh ins for a competition. Whether or not I have to cut to make weight, for some reason, on competition day, I just CAN NOT hold any kind of solid food down.

Even some protein shakes are tough. At my last meet I mixed some Power Drive and some whey with a bit of gatorade, and immediately after the first event (550lb frame carry) I was behind a pick up truck emptying my stomach. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I know at least one other high level strongman competitor that has this same problem, so it's not completely unheard of.

For some reason, the only thing I seem to be able to keep down is watered down gatorade. However, this is obviously far from optimal on the most important day of my cycle. I've got Georgias Strongest Man coming up and it's a heavy contest that will probably last 5-6 hours, so I'm looking for something other than straight carbs to get me through.

I need something that is gentle and will digest quickly and easily. It'd be nice to get some kind of protein in, but I don't since I dont see that happening, so I'm thinking the WOF might be the way to go.

To those of you that have tried it, how does it sit in your stomach? Is it thick, or could it be digested easily if I water it down enough? Will I be able to have half a shake and then do a heavy Conans Carry while holding my breath the entire time?


No issues here. Thin as water…tastes like a fruity sugary juice.

“Will I be able to have half a shake and then do a heavy Conans Carry while holding my breath the entire time?”

No clue how you’re stomach wil react to it…if you got 45 bucks laying around ,give it a try.


I wouldn’t think you’d have any problem holding it down. It’s more comparable to your Gatorade than a protein shake. It’s nice and refreshing, not thick and creamy like a shake. I always add a lil more water than they say anyway cuz it’s a bit too sweet for me. (Hint: I’d get the fruit punch - the lemonade has a weird taste to it IMO!) I say go for it!! Think Biotest lets you send stuff back if you don’t like it, don’t they? Good luck; it’s a great product!


[quote]threewhitelights wrote:
It’d be nice to get some kind of protein in, but I don’t since I dont see that happening, so I’m thinking the WOF might be the way to go.[/quote]

Just to clarify, Surge Workout Fuel doesn’t have “protein”, but it does have a hefty dose of leucine.

No problem at all. I usually have to remind myself not to chug it, because I want it to last throughout the workout, but sometimes I’ll easily down 16 or so ounces without even thinking about it and have no problem going into my next set.

I mix two scoops with about 32 ounces of water and it’s slightly thicker than Gatorade. Using more water would thin it out with no problem.

That’s not something to figure out on contest day. I’d give it a trial run at least a month out from the contest, to experiment with the right dose, water ratio, and timing.


Yea, I know it doesn’t have any protein in it, but it seems like I can’t keep down much protein for some reason. I’m not looking to get in a calorie surplus on competition day, but if the competition gets stretched out for 6 hours I need to have something that will tide me over.

Thanks for all the help.