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Considering Steroids but Scared of Side Effects!?


Im a 5ft11 90kg 22 year old from Ontario and am considering using steroids, however, i do not wish to experience any nasty side effects after i come on/off them like erection problems. I understand that anti e's like nolvadex and clomid solve these effects but just want some advice. Thanks




Ronaldo7 go waste your time elsewhere


Training history?

Numbers for lifts?

Um, how's your diet?


If you have a question about steroids there is a forum which goes by the name of.... wait for it..."steroids".

Even if you're just thinking about the possibility of using steroids, you should at least go read and educate your self on the topic. Why would you blindly trust someone about putting chemicals into your body without doing research first? not that anyone is actually going to "advice" you here with a OP like that.


Edit: dammit, it got moved to the steroid forum and now my post doesn't look as bad ass.


Ronaldo7, it is clear that your some ignorant cowboy whos still living in the "canyons".
I posted it into the bodybuilding forum aswell as the steroids forum to generate more opinions. And as for not knowing nothing about steroids.. i know enough to shut your scrawny mouth up about them, advice to me
from fellow body builders goes along way.

So before commenting on my posts why dont you take your little shrimp ass outta here.



Ct rockula.. ive been training for 1-2 years.. Unfortunately concentrating a little too much on upper body.
Numbers are as follows:

Bench: 240
Deadlift: 285
Squat: 200
Hope this helps


Ct rockula.. ive been training for 1-2 years.. Unfortunately concentrating a little too much on upper body.
Numbers are as follows:

Bench: 240
Deadlift: 275
Squat: 200
Hope this helps


Your numbers are pretty weak, and for your height and weight you can still gain a lot more naturally. If you are not able to add muscle mass you are either not training properly or not eating enough; or a combination of the two.

Learn to eat and train properly prior to throwing powerful, potentially harmful hormones into your body...


Thanks for your post above! i think you may be right, i have problems pushing more and upping the weight in most compound exercies such as bench/deadlift.. Are there any supplements excluding creatine which will aid or ehnhance my strength? Also i think my diet needs a fix up, i eat alot but not enough clean foods, need to cut out the sugar..


how old are you ?


Dude look at your numbers?!?! I weight 10kg less than you at the same height and I have better lifts. You are an idiot for even thinking about doing steroids at that level.

And how idiotic can you be to say you know anything about steroids when you are asking about all this "safe cycles" and how you're scared of the "side effects", are you fucking kidding me? how the hell can someone say they know about steroids and then throw out statements like that?? You are a fucking tool.



Food. Food is a GREAT SUPPLEMENT to any rigorous exercise program.

Prior to any hormonal additions; at an age of 24, height of almost 5'11 and a body weight of around 220lbs, I could bench 335+lbs, deadlift 475lbs for 1 rep, squat 405lbs to depth for reps (5+) and do all kinds of heavy rowing and pullups.


I had those lifts when I was 17 years old, 5f 5" and weighing 52kg's with 4 months of training.

Read up about training methods.

and btw.



You have a long way to go before even considering drugs. First things first: nail down your diet and training. Then, build a solid foundation with some decent numbers. Lastly, do what most of the people here did to learn: study. By the time you are ready for AAS, you should have extensive knowledge of the subject on top of extensive training and diet knowledge.


SS thanks for post above!