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Considering Self-Prescribing TRT If Doctor Won't Help. Opinions?

I have been having an issue with low T for the last 2 years, I’m 23yr old only lab I currently have is that my bioavailable testosterone is at 1.9 with the acceptable range being 2.5-10. I will be getting much more bloodwork soon.

The low T issue all started back when I had a random injury to my left teste when I was sleeping. Doctors have treated me for infections and taken multiple ultrasounds and physical exams saying that it’s all fine but I still feel some minor discomfort sometimes.

My family doctor has referred me to a urologist because he still wants to try to fix the problem naturally, but my issue is I’m living in NS Canada and the wait times for a urologist are currently 200days possibly longer.

I’m experiencing every symtom of low T and it’s really getting to me. Very depressed, no confidence anymore, lost my longtime girlfriend to another guy most likely due to this. No libido, minor ED, some minor gyno by the looks of it.

I’m going to be seeing my doctor again and just ask him if he will put me on TRT until possibly there’s a miracle and they can fix my teste, but honestly if the ultrasounds all came back fine what can they do? If he doesn’t give me TRT I will be considering just buying test cyp online and doing my own shots. I can’t take this life anymore nothing is enjoyable.


Sorry, bioavailable testosterone is at 1.4 not 1.9.

All I can say is I put myself on trt because my test was in the low range of normal and docs wouldn’t help me and it’s the best thing I ever did. Within a day I felt way better, libido through the roof, mood, strength in the gym. 2 months in now and I’m already seeing body changes.

Yeah, I’ve been like this for 2 years now, my face looks more feminine, my body is like all fat now, I have some gyno and of course all the mental symptoms that come along with low T. I can’t take this anymore

I recommend you take one day travel to USA. There are knowledgeable doctors there that will treat you. After the initial exam you can go remote. I can give you a few contacts.

TRT is a complicated stuff and most probably you don’t have enough knowledge to manage it alone. If you are quite confident in yourself at least there is a book you want to read first. But better go to a good doc.

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Unfortunately can’t afford the trip to USA also have no passport. I really don’t wanna have to self prescribe but the symptoms I’m experiencing are very severe. I’m gonna see my doctor in two days and I’m really hoping he will understand. The thing is he doesn’t wanna start me on TRT until he knows that the issue can’t be fixed naturally, but with me having to wait possibly a year to find that out, I can’t really wait that long feeling this way.

Look into clomid monotherapy first. If it doesn’t work then you’ll have a new data set and that can help inform you of what to do next.

Yes, he can try. 12.5mg EOD. For me didn’t work, but for many guys works great.

A lot of men do this. It would be interesting to know what percentage of those on TRT are underground.

I suppose it would depend on your knowledge and whether or not you have any specific health issues outside of the norm. I will say that most of those I know using the underground route do so without blood work, except perhaps for some initial workup done through their PCP.

Unfortunately I was just gonna say the same thing. Honestly if you go the doctor route it’s very likely it will take about a year before they actually put you on anything. In my experience they are going to check your test levels at least 3 times and if it comes back within the normal range on ANY of the tests they won’t do TRT. Keep in mind I came back at the low level. Total test was 320. In my area the range is 300-900. Looking at charts though I was in the range of a 90-110 year old man lol.

Then they are going to try to raise it naturally with their bullshit diet plans and possibly try to put you on medication to help you with depression and ED instead of just curing you with TRT. Then if they finally put you on TRT they will wanna do something pathetic like 50mg a month or some shit and make you run that for a month or two and before you get the dose you need you can be looking at like 6 months. This is my experience and opinion yours may vary.

My advise as well as what I did. Do the research and get on it yourself. Know what to look for and get frequent blood tests to keep your Hematocrit and all that in line. Also test is so cheap it’s actually cheaper to buy outright than after insurance dealing with doctors. Right now I am on 200mg a week and feel fucking fantastic. Honestly I havent been in a bad mood since I started and my test wasn’t even as low as yours. I have a friend who had extremely low T like 120 total so way below the normal. He did the same thing I am doing and within a day felt the difference. He is now off all depression meds and thriving really well only within a matter of 2 months. He says he feels like a new person and has actually cried because of the drastic positive change he went through so quickly.

In my opinion honestly test is the last thing doctors wanna prescribe because they can make so much more off anti depressants, ED meds and all that other crap that will never really cure the problem.

Watch some Youtube videos on TRT and see how people say it has absolutely changed their lives.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

Yeah man I really need the treatment, I already lost my girlfriend to this now I’m worried of losing my job. If my doctor can’t help I’ll have to help myself. Where are you located?

can’t you go to someone out of network? Like an anti aging clinic or HRT specialist not covered by regular insurance, I had to do the same for myself. But I am in the United States.

I’m in the United States. In the New York area.

Ya Loooool I tried that myself. I’m not sure if maybe you got lucky and found a decent place that wasn’t an absolute rip off but I found a couple places near me that wanted a 2k dollar buy in as well as 2k a year membership fee that didn’t even cover the testosterone, tests or anything like that. It’s absolutely astonishing what these companies will do to people and how much they charge for something that costs them practically nothing.

Pharmacies charge like 250 dollars for a 10cc vial of 250mg test lol you can get it on the street for less than 1/4th that.

I thought I read you were from Canada for some reason, yeah it is crazy for some of the places. However there are some good doctors you can see in person and others who offer telemedicine therapy as well for decent prices. Still will cost you at least $150 bucks a month to see them, but it will cover the testosterone, blood check ups, follow ups, etc. HRT in general is not something that is extremely cheap. You can find people who are reasonably priced. But you are not going to find anything that is going to charge you only 50 bucks a month for a vial of testosterone unfortunately. It is cheaper to get on the street, but the issue with that is you do not know where the supply came from and it could have contaminants, or other things not listed on label in the test. Which is the biggest reason I would only ever buy from somewhere legit.

Do you get your T online?

No I don’t. but I do know people that do and have not had any issues other than it taking like 2-4 weeks to arrive.

You can order domectic from private forums. Will arrive in days

Where from?

Are you in the US? I do know one domestic place that ships out of Miami