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Considering Self-Administering TRT, Post-Finasteride Syndrome

Thanks mate. The finasteride deffinetly killed the cells responsible for making sperm I am certain of it, hence the severe atrophy and elevated FSH.

Surprisingly my fertility test came back good, so l’ll likely freeze now while the boys are still in decent shape

That shbg seems high to me and this may be helpful to try trt.

I have not seen any reason to think that finasteride desensitized anything. If anything in my experience finasteride greatly reduces natural testosterone production while also permanently increases shbg. That is what happened to me and I have the before and afters to show for it. That being said I have no reason to think that trt won’t solve this for you.


Thanks mate. You are correct on the high SHBG, it has been as high as 55 before.

I am currently in the process of trying to get TRT prescribed from Dr Z. Just getting a couple of labs done after sleepless nights before I go see him. I also still have all my lab work from when my testosterone was extremely low after I initially crashed as well. So fingers crossed for a prescription.

All the best

Lol latest blood test results, this was done after a sleepless night and consuming 100g of sugar before the blood test.

Total Testosterone: 18.6 nmol/L (9.5-35.0)
SHBG: 75 nmol/L (10-70) High
DHEAS: 13.4 umol/L (4.34-12.2) High
Free Testosterone: 218.9 pmol/L (260-750) Low
FSH: 5 (1-8)
LH: 1 (1-8)
Prolactin: 499 mIU/L (<340) High

I’ve been messing around with antidepressants and benzos recently, so no doubt this is messing with my Prolactin and SHBG.

I’m not sure Dr Z will prescribe TRT if my Prolactin is so high? I’ll get another test done before I see Dr Z again.

SSRIs raise prolactin yes, similar to d2 blockers

cheers mate. I’m going to stop the antidepressants and supplement with P5P to get the prolactin down, and get another blood test done before I go see Dr Z.