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Considering Self-Administering TRT, Post-Finasteride Syndrome

Hi everyone,
You may have seen my previous thread titled “Messed myself up with SARMS and Finasteride”.

Two years on and I have made significant progress with my health. My Free Testosterone currently sits at around 450-600 pmol/L (250-750). Prolactin, Estrogen, DHT, fT3, rT3, fT4, Iron, B12, Vitamin D, etc, is all fine. Diet, lifestyle and sleep is perfect.

I have tried to be as positive as I can be in my previous thread to motivate future readers and help point them in the right direction with their recovery. However I am still dealing with some pretty serious symptoms of Low T:

  • Lack of morning wood,
  • Complete loss of spontaneous erections,
  • Zero libido or sex drive,
  • Fatigue, lethargy, low energy, etc
  • Anxiety, PTSD, High Cortisol, I am currently trying an SSRI which seems to be working well for this.
  • Erection strength is good, however sex drive is non existent, even pre SSRI

My attitude is to tread my symptoms as if Post Finasteride Syndrome does not exist.

I have waited 2 years and exhausted all options to fix this naturally. I now want to try exogenous testosterone and see how I feel. No doctor In Australia will prescribe to me at my levels so this will have to be self administered TRT.

I think it’s worth the risk to self medicate and see how I feel. If it gives me my life back, then it’s 100% worth breaking the law. Feel free to convince me otherwise.

Thinking of running:

  • 200mg test per week
  • Inject EOD to manage E2
  • Have an AI on standby incase I get high E2 symptoms

Unfortunately I told my GP, Endocrinologist and the TRT doctor I took the SARM, so very unlikely they will prescribe me TRT given my previous history of PED use :frowning:

I don’t give a fuck anymore I just want to feel good and get my life back on track.

Am open to all opinions, advise and criticisms.

Thank you

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Also forgot to mention my TSH is slightly elevated and ranges between 2.5-4.1. Again, no doc in Australia wants to treat me.

Im confident my issues are androgen related though, all of this started when I crashed my testosterone the first time, it was like a light switch and my life has never been the same.

Would appreciate any thoughts or feedback

There’s a dr in Australia, ‘Dr Z’, don’t know his full name, but I’ve seen guys talk about him being open to TRT.

Also there’s a TRT Australia FB group that could probably find a good doc for you

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Dr. Adrian Zentner is in Melbourne and alternates to another clinic in Perth, Brisbane.


Thanks man, I’ll check out the FB group.

I saw Dr Z in 2019 when my testosterone was extremely low and he prescribed me HCG.

I highly doubt he will prescribe me testosterone given my last blood test had Free T sitting at the high end of the reference range. Even though the reference ranges are total garbage, based on a sick, diseased and unoptimised population, and don’t account for receptor sensitivity to androgens.

Worth a shot with the legit route nonetheless I suppose.


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I may consider running a cycle with UGL gear, see how I feel, and then see Dr Z when I hop off and my HPTA is severely suppressed. If I don’t have my symptoms ellievated while on cycle, then I can PCT with Nolva/Clomid. It’s a risk, but worth it IMO. Thoughts?

Should I freeze my sperm now?

It is really hard to believe your problem is related to hormones with a good FT like that, but u still feel bad that’s the point, I remember from your other post about sarms u wrote that u were away from TV, Games, internet, porn, for how long did u stay away from these things and IF u still are and no benefits? Another question is how is your BF%, are u on any diet like fasting or keto or low calories, etc
Cheers man

Hey bro thanks for the message. I know my testosterone looks good on paper, but man I just don’t feel 100%. All I want is to feel energetic, have intensity, feel strong, and not feel lethargic and weak all the time, you know what I mean? I also miss having a sex drive, I haven’t had sex in over a year now…

It’s likely that the Finasteride has messed with my receptors leading to some sort of androgen insensitivity.

When I avoid all stimulation (TV, computer, etc), I do feel significantly better, sleep better and have more energy. I still avoid games, TV, porn, etc, it’s just not productive or conductive to thriving with your heath imo.

I have been training in the gym again, but I still feel weak, low intensity, very little stamina and strength. I couldn’t imagine working a full time job, the fatigue would ruin me.

I would say around 15-20% BF. Around 82kg at 189cm. Eat very healthy, probably 50% carbs, 30% fats, 20% protein. Sleep 8 hrs a night. No issues lifestyle wise.

I just want to try Testosterone at a decent dose and see how I feel in 2-3 months time.

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If u still avoid these and no improvements then the answer should b somewhere else, do u have the complete hormonal panel just to make sure everything else is also in a good range
Sorry I just saw on your first post everything else is good in range, that’s a trick case my friend all labs are great but u still don’t feel good, that sucks man

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Finasteride is the devils drug bro.

Seriously considering trying it…

Plan of attack could be something like this:
1). Freeze sperm now
2). Hop on UGL Testosterone for 3 months and see how I feel,
3). a).If I feel better on testosterone, come off with no PCT and see Dr Z for a prescription
b). If I don’t feel any better, PCT with HCG, Nolva, Clomid

Thoughts appreciated

I wish you all the luck in this new try my friend

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This sounds more like a neurotransmitter issue. Do you know your prolactin level? Dopamine?

I agree man, it’s like my GABA/Glutamate balance isn’t working properly.

One theory to Post Finasteride Syndrome is neurosteroid deficiency in the brain. Allopregnanolone being an important one given its effects on GABA.

I know SSRIs are demonised here, but I am trying Desvenlafaxine and having good results so far. SSRIs are known to increase Allopregnanolone.

However, I still struggle with fatigue and energy issues, hence my motivation to try testosterone.

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Would need to know your shbg, but if it’s normal than I wouldn’t see you needing more than 200 on the high end.


LH: 3, 5 (2-8),
FSH: 10, 7 (2-8), FSH elevated likely due to Finasteride induced testicular atrophy.
SHBG: 52, 43 (10-55),
TT: 27, 32 (10-35),
FT: 450,600 (250-750),
DHT: 2.1 (1-2.5),
E2: 75, 90 (<95).

Hormone panel looks very good, yet symptoms persist. Likely the Finasteride caused some degree of receptor desensitisation. Due to symptoms I am now going to try TRT and see how I feel at higher levels.

I have acquired a couple vials of UGL Sustanon 250. I know enenthate is preferred, but this is all I could get for the moment.


  • 200mg/week Sustanon
  • inject EOD
  • with 29G 1/2” insulin needle

Is there much merit to freezing sperm now (im24)? Or can I just add in HCG+HMG+Clomid when it comes time to conceive?

Feedback appreciated cheers

Safer route is freezing but I’d be shocked if HCG+FSH or Clomid don’t get things working again.

Your fsh is elevated though, I’d consider at least a sperm analysis to see how they are actually functioning in that capacity. Then you can consider if you want to store some or roll the dice with fsh &hcg in the future. If it’s marginal now, talk to a reproductive doc and probably store some, if all is well then you’ll have to make a descision.


Thanks bruz, I’ll go freeze just incase.

I’m also gonna organise some Nolva to PCT for when I hop off and go see Dr Z for a script.