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Considering Seizing Cycle (1 week In)


Hey guys, I started a cycle of 350mg test E and was thinking that maybe with the holidays coming up it isn't the best time considering I may be out and have a couple beers here and there. I recently battled some upper right quadrant abdominal pain and was worried it might be related to my liver. I had plenty of tests (blood work, ultrasound, and mri) and nothing came back abnormal but I have had a weird fear of hurting my liver since then. I used to take prohormones on and off a few years back and drank a lot through high school and college like most people. Always was on live support, have never stopped.

I am experiencing the dull pain again but could be anxiety. Nevertheless I have pinned only 3 times so far (saturday wednesday and yesterday) and I am considering seizing the cycle for now.

Do I need to do anything at this point, anything I should worry about...etc..

thanks guys


I have a feeling that you’re planning on having more than ‘a couple beers here and there’. My guess is you want to feel free to drink as much as you want. If the former is the case, I don’t think you need to stop the cycle. If the latter is the case, stop I guess. If you’re only a week in, PCT likely isn’t necessary.

EDIT: I am curious, how did this cross your mind now, and not like a week ago? Or in the weeks prior when you were buying supplies, making plans for your cycle, etc? It does not seem like you have the mental stability to be using steroids at all if you’re this wishy washy. The decision you’re confronting now should have been made before. And I imagine you did make that decision, and are now changing your mind.


Pain could be a kidney stone that is minor, but that should have been visible on X-rays.

Please post labs with ranges.
AST/ALT of interest.