Considering Proviron

I’ve been using Test Cyp for self prescribed TRT. Dosage is 200mg/wk injected in 2 100mg every 84 hours. I also inject 2units per day Jintropin. I’ve had great success with this regimen in the short time I’ve been using these supplements. The only side has been a 10% rise in blood pressure. Strength gains and mass has been good but I know from my weight and appearance that I’m retaining fluid.

If I were to use Proviron for estrogen control would I need to make an adjustment in my test cyp dosage to compensate for an expected rise in free test or should I wait for blood work which won’t be until mid April.
I’m 59 years old 5’ 10" @ 170 lbs. I’m new at this and although I read this site and others I trust I can get good scoop here.
Thanks in advance for any advice you may have to offer.


Not the most knowledgable member but i ll give my opinion.

First of all go visit a doctor and get proper prescription. Read all the stickies.

Have you done blood tests? How do you expect anyone to help you without providing enough info and blood tests.

200mg per max is probably the max dosage. 100mg per week is where you should start.

Proviron an an ai probably wont do anything and to be honest i doubt you can take proviron long term! You need to do blood tests and take an ai like aromasin or arimidex.

At your age make sure you monitor your blood pressure as i believe this can go up with elevated estradiol and from what you are reporting probably your estradiol is high!

Have you checked your prostate? There is too much information missing here and you probably should not be self prescribing unless done properly with the necessary blood work. You also need to check thyroid.

Once again read the stickies and post more detailed info if you really want to get help from the smart guys here.


Proviron weakly binds to the estrogen receptors (similar to SERMS) and weakly binds to the aromatase enzyme. It could offer some benefit but there are much better options available these days.

Tried Proviron and I didn’t notice anything.