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Considering My First Cycle

26yo. Current condition: 6’0" 240Lbs 22%BF. Meso-Endo

I have been training for the last 15-years. Former collegiate football player, degrees in Kinesiology and Dietetics. Cossfit lvl.1 & NSCA CSCS. Competed and coached in both Power lifting and Amateur Bodybuilding.

For the first time in my life, I have a desk job… The enemy of healthy living. My energy and my gains have suffered from this transition over the last year. I am considering gear for the first time.
I have no-clue where to start.

Ah…the desk has claimed another victim.
How about starting with telling us why you think gear would be necessary to attain your goals, then maybe tell us what your goals are. It sounds like you should have a pretty well established base of strength and knowledge based on your resume.


With those stats if they are accurate your a big guy you just need to trim some fat. Your biggest enemy and friend right now isn’t going to be the desk its going to be the kitchen. I’m going to assume with your background your training is fine which means you need to focus on nutrition.

Im not against using gear for trimming fat. Steroids don’t necessarily burn fat directly but they aid in the process thru nutrition partitioning, protein synthesis, and building lean muscle. What worries me in your situation tho is this

Gear isn’t the answer for this problem. Steroids can fix a lot of potential problems but this needs to be fixed thru motivation, time management, nutrition, and dedication. If you can get those dialed in then I see no issue with a cycle but you very well may find you don’t even want to run one anymore once you get those things figured out.

You left out the part where you’re either a libertarian or a BMW owner.