Considering Lowering TRT Dose?

Looking for advice, these are my blood test numbers after 3 months on TRT. I feel amazing and the benefits have been life changing. My only side effects now that occur on injection day are feeling anxious and my heart seems to beat a little harder. I also recently started having annoying minor headaches over the last week (unsure if associated with TRT). I inject 100ml of 200mg 1 x per week. BP is 125/62.

Considering my current testosterone levels, would lowering my dose to maybe 80 mg per week reduce my side effects? I’ve read that too much free T could be the cause of these issues.


Total Test: 984 ng/dl
Free Test: 323 pg/ml
Testosterone free %: 3.3
SHBG: 15
Estradiol: 35 pg/ml
Hemoglobin: 15.6 g/dl
Hematocrit%: 47.2

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1 ml?

Blood work is at trough (before next injection)?

Clarify your dose as @readalot stated. I’m assuming you are at 200mg/wk so lowering to 80mg would be too far. Your BP is fine so I don’t know if the headaches would be related. May I suggest talking to your doc about injecting 2x per week instead? Spit the dose in half and inject on Weds/Sun for example. That will smooth out the peaks and valleys plus you have low SHBG. It may help.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I inject 0.5 mLs of testosterone cypionate IM 1x per week. (My prescribed dose is 0.5 mLs of 200 mg/ml Testosterone cypionate)


You are injecting 100 mg/week of test cyp.

Please answer question above. Also always add reference ranges to your results. Your free test is way up there. Change to 80 mg/week is a very reasonable approach.

Agreed. You may want to lower your dose, but I also think changing to a 2x per week protocol is something to discuss with the doc as well.

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My blood was tested 4 days after injection

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Thumbs up. Good plan. Give it 12 weeks and reassess.

Ok, thank you for the advice. Maybe my current dose split into two injections per week will mitigate the side effects. I will talk to my doc about it.

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That’s not trough and your lowest point is unknown.

Correct. See below the peaks and valleys of your drug release taking a large dose once a week versus a smaller twice a week. That larger spike in T release may be associated with your headaches etc. Just one possibility of many, but either way I always put the disclaimer in to discuss any changes with your doc. We are not medical professionals, just helping you with ammunition for your cause.


FWIW, I’m running a little experiment trying to lower DHT to reduce back acne and supplement TRT benefits with pow dose Nandrolone. I’m trying to push Test dose as low as possible - just enough to provide sufficient Estrogen and DHT… ran 80mg/wk Test C for 2 weeks and was having a few low estrogen symptoms (mostly out-of-character headaches only experienced previously during AI use). If you recall, my SHBG was a bit lower than OP.
^I didn’t think 80mg/wk would be low enough to cause these kinds of issues.

@Howee you might want to consider injecting more frequently with that low SHBG value. My provider recommended EOD or ED pinning with SHBG at 10-12 whereas yours is at 15.