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Considering HGH

Im very much unhappy with my bone structure(foot, ankle, hand, calf size.) I’m considering starting HGH at age 23. I’ve also been lifting since I was about 20 and notice a loss of motivation, general drive etc. My test levels were taken recently and came back low(383), but were 700 when I was 19.

My doctor said it varies and said he thought I was fine and would not even retest me. I disagree, as I notice all the signs of low t, not to mention my levels were shown to be low. Although, I’d like to start test, I’m more interested in HGH. I was thinking about a 6 to 8 month cycle. I’ve never experimented with performance enhancing drugs. I’m considering taking the leap. The price I was provided was $300 for a kit lasting 40 days for stuff with the claim of 98% purity standard. My questions are:

-Do you all think this could be effective in increasing bone structure(my growth plates could still be open…and I was a “late bloomer”)
-Is a 6 to 8 months cycle long enough to be effective?
-Is the price provided within the standard range?
-Does HGH effect you mood at age 23? Will motivation and agression increase as it would with steroid use.
-If taken at a standard dose compared to my body weight(173lb) and not abused, what are potential side effects for a 6 to 8 months cycle?
-Anything else a sage hgh user or informed member thinks I should be aware of?


At age 23 there is very nearly a 0% chance that your growth plates are still open. At this point, all you would be able to do is induce acromegaly, which a) is terribly unpleasant and b) takes a LOT of hGH.

I would be WAY more concerned with the fact that your T levels are only a little better than half of what they should be, and that you’ve had such a large drop in levels in only four years. Read the stickies in the TRT forum and find a doctor who is willing to give you a full panel. It doesn’t matter what the doctor thinks about your T number if you are still having low T symptoms. You have to be your own advocate here.