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Considering HCG, Anybody Try It?


i am considering trying HCG, not with simeons diet ( 500 calories is way to low) has anybody ever tried HCG? what was your results? did it really blunt your appetite? how was your muscle loss? just curious.


The fuck

Please realize that anything concerning the use of hCG as a weight loss drug is a complete scam


yeah i've seen so many reviews, then other people saying its a scam. had no clue what to make of the mixed reviews. thats why i asked here. just wasn't sure. thanks you saved me like 250 bucks. lol


250 bucks? LOL

I think there is something to be said about the hcg diet...obviously anytime you drop your calories down to 500/day, you are going to lose massive amounts of weight...also obviously, this is way too low for guys that actually have muscle and work out...

But for the average "skinny fat" 160 pound male, what are your opinions on HCG increasing testosterone enough to preserve muscle mass enough to ensure that the majority of the wight lost is actually fat and not muscle + fat? I'm not familiar with the dosages, but I would think leydig sesentiziation is a major concern.


i dont know, i was confused some people said they actually gained strength on 500 calories a day? which kind of threw me off, maybe they were beginners. i am not really sure about this whole thing. but i am 185 pound athlete, high leveled judo player.

so i doubt that would work for me ( been training since i was 4, lifting since i was 15) i thought it was some weight loss miracle. guess not. can never find a straight answer anymore it seems. lol. i was going to use it for massive weight cuts for tournaments. looking better is a plus to lol


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That is a terrible idea. Just cut water weight and rehydrate like a normal person going into competitions that have weight classes.

Not sure if you have 24 hour weigh-ins, but if you do, then you should be able to drop around 20lbs easily, and have it all back on the day of the tournament.


Honestly I've always used clen or eca. Don't know much about the hormones and stuff. Exactly why I joined this forum. To learn. Nag weigh ins are usually the same day. My usual cut is 190 to 175 I was considering the weight class below that (lower high 150's) but eh


During a cycle, I ran HCG when my balls shrank, but other that, it did nothing for any weight loss...