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Considering Getting a Heavy Bag


afer reading the gloves thread I'm jus curious, anyone else have one? I plan on boxing this summer, is it worth investing in one? I'm mostly interested in getting used to hitting/hitting hard. Unfortunately every 110 pound illegal has ben telling me their cousin is going to kick my ass. It's not really that I expect it to happen(these kids have thought they were tough shit shince middle school, too bad they aren't) I just haven't even thrown a real punch since middle school either.

I'm afraid if somethnig DOES happen and where I'd be pushed into a situation I wouldn't be ready for anything. Plus I'm getting fat and need something to burn some calories.

they cost like 80$ right? + like 30 for gloves? or am I wrong?


You would be better off joining a real Muay Thai/kickboxing class and actually learning how to throw punches and kicks correctly. Plus the workouts you'll be put through will help you not be fat.


If you have to fight to prove your self to 110lb kids you already lost the fight.


nah but having a bunch of these kids jump you at once isn't a pretty sight, it's happened a few times already, not to me but....


we only have a boxing gym here, and I won' have the $$ to pay for it tilll summer.


just having a heavybag won't teach you how to fight, how to punch, help with defense and certainly won't teach you to take a punch.

What part of Wisconsin are you in? There are some incredible MMA and boxing gyms up there with world class trainers.

Not trying to talk you out of it, it is your money, but honestly, having a heavy bag is not going to help you to become a better/tougher fighter. It is simply a tool that fighters use once they have the skill set to help with their endurance and reflexes.

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I support the idea if your actually gonna use it. Dont just get it and let it collect dust though. That thing can really build your upperbody power, and endurance if you use it regularly for 2 minute rounds.


not really afraid of being a shitty fighter, I'm more afraid of hitting like a pansy. I will sign up for a boxing gym in the summer. I'm in SE wisconsin. I need to earn some cash to pay for it first though...

hell that's not even priority. It's just a minor concern that's on the back of my mind. It's moreso a form of cardio that I would actually do. running sucks hard.


I understand what you want - I am telling you though, I don't think getting a heavy bag will help you with either cardio or not punching like a pansy (your words).

Punching a heavy bag will not teach you punch correctly, or hard. If anything, without knowing what you are doing, it will only teach you bad habits that will be hard to break when you actually do get training.

There is a lot more to punching hard then just throwing hands. You have to learn how to use your legs, core region, how to explode into the punch, rotate your hips and how to keep your balance. These aren't things that you will learn without some instructions.

The only thing a heavy bag will offer you at this point, is help with cardio, and NOTHING is more boring then hitting a heavybag for 10 3-minute rds (trust me on that one... I still hear that damn buzzer in my dreams). Honestly, you will more then likely use it for 2 or 3 work outs and then it will just hang there and collect dust.

Depending on exactly where in SE WI you are, there are several great MMA schools you should think about if you want to learn to fight. I know there are great schools in Madison, Milwaulkee and Racine with world class fighters and trainers.

(The one in racine has a crazy hot female fighter too!!).


oh.. and if $$ is the only thing keeping you out of a gym, talk to the owner - alot of times they will let you work around the gym a bit and reduce the gym fees.


oh and piece of advice? even the stupidest fighter will expect an attack to the face or core

1) yea get some official training first, so you know what ur doing , just remember that while muay thai can be used in self defense these days emphasis is on sport

2) if you got that many of em, press kick them in the knee, stomp on their metatarsals, gouge out their eyes, backfist to the temple, direct punch to the bicep/shoulder, hit em in the floater rib, hook em in the kidneys, joint lock their fingers (not muay thai) or headbutt them making contact between their eyes if you can. of course, a good chop to the carotid arteries helps to, but like i said more obvious. or sternal shots, etc etc.

plus if it was me, last time i got jumped by more than one person (3) one guy was face down so i just stomped on the back of his head.

i hate ghetto trash


no shit I hate trash too, and I can't keep my mouth shut so I get threatened a lot. Everyone's "cousin" wants to kill me and stuff. It doesn't really matter the kids are all the same, they aren't going to actually do anything because clearly I could pick them p and throw them and I'm a featherweight. so i's a nogo on the bag for cardio?


i gotta say one thing though... the ultimate key to most any martial arts (outside of sports) is to manipulate your opponents without resorting to attack or defense

i would recommend for you, bw training if you can. try the navy seal workout. or put together something with chins, pushups, situps, bodysquats, handstandpushups, dips, squat thrusts, etc.

remember, its not the best for maximal strength, or explosive, or even anaerobic endurance... but its best for overall conditioning


It will give you the cardio, in a very monotonous workout. It will not help you with punching skills or power.

That said, there are better and much cheaper ways to get the cardio for people that aren't actively fighting. Also, given the fact that it is very boring, most people don't stick with it,which means you just spent a lot of money on a bag, stuffing, bag gloves, hand wraps, mounting hardware, chains and springs etc to hang in the garage and collect dust.

You said you couldn't afford to join a boxing gym right now, so I will guess you don't have disposable income right now - get a jump rope for your cardio - you get the same result.


and then do hiit with it. in other words, jump rope the hell out of it for 30secs then slow down for 30 seconds. thats one set. do 8 of em. next week do 10. so on till 16.


I definitely suggest buying a heavybag.. it works well as a sandbag substitute as well. Don't forget to pick it up, clean it, run up hills with it, shoulder it, etc.


I think it is a great tool.

It won't teach you the intricacy of footwork, but if you are not used to punching it can acclimate you to it. Kind of like doing heavy holds it will get you used to it.

Also, it is a great cardio workout. You are not a boxer, so go at it like HITT. Go all out for 1 minute rest 30 seconds.

It is also a good unconventional weight as it is not easy to grab. Carry it for distance, through it over head or get in a mounted position and go to town on it.


holy shit you+ the sandbag guy have great ideas.