Considering First Cycle

I’m sure this pops up a lot and I like to over analyze, but I’m considering my first cycle but have concerns about side effects like gyno etc and want some direction on how you guys got educated without feeling overwhelmed with information on Google lol, I hear the 1st cycle is always the best but I don’t want to kill myself milking the cow for what it’s worth.

I’m 25 in June I have a total of 7 yrs training experience with a 3 yr hiatus somewhere in there.

Just continue reading. The more you read, stuff start making sense to you thus making it less overwhelming because you will actually be understanding it. Go back and read old posts on here. Lots of information to learn on this forum. And most importantly don’t rush into anything.

I would ask you to simply read any (preferably all) of the ShadowPro posts on this board in addition to the stickied threads over on the TRT forum created by KSMAN.

Of course there are plenty of people here who are willing to help individuals who are willing to listen. Care to tell us a little about yourself (e.g. personal stats, training style, diet, goals) most importantly why you’re considering gear?

I’ll check out his post thanks for the lead!

As far as stats, I don’t keep track of how much weight I use or a max rep goal I just use what fatigues me best within routine as I build for aesthetics personally for my own appeal, I don’t do shows though I’ve considered as I’ve been told I have a physique for it. Diet is very clean 5 meals chicken/Turkey or fish, whole grains, dark greens, fruits etc I do a cheat about once or twice a month and the reason being is I want to increase my size, I’m not happy with my natural limit and would like to stay a little bit more lean and cut year round even if it’s only through 2 cycles a year

I’m digging for photos here I just got a new phone lol

Dude. You look great. Except for the hair. I don’t know what the fuck that’s about. But seriously, you look like you’ve put in a lot of quality time both training and dieting. Be proud of that.

Your shoulders are really outstanding. Arms look solid. Your lats could be wider, but part of that is genetic. I have a much wider back than I deserve based on the training I do for it. But my chest just will not look like yours no matter how much I try to get that classic shape. Genetics can’t be beaten. Sure, steroids will help you get past your natural limits, but you won’t stay there forever. There’s always a mean reversion.

Anyway, if you want to run a cycle I’d say you wouldn’t get a lot of pushback from the veterans on here. You’ve put in the time training and your diet is obviously very good. You’ve built a solid foundation for yourself. You’re 25, so you’re not quite too young, but maybe you’d benefit from waiting a little bit longer. But if you think you’re ready then go for it. Don’t get too complicated with it.

Thanks man that means a lot, ironically I shaved off all my hair like 3 days ago so yeah lol! It’s really the desire to put on more size is what’s making me want too and maybe do some shows if it comes out pleasing enough

Then I say go for it. Run the gold standard Test E 500mgs/w and see what you can gain. Control your e2, have a proper pct ready, and keep doing what you’ve been doing.

I think I will be doing something like that if not exactly that I’m in touch with a guy who educates on protocol and walks others through the process and I’ve ordered anabolics 11th edition to do some more homework. I appreciate all the positive direction guys.