Considering Ending TRT after 2 Years

I started HRT roughly 2 years ago. Originally the doctor said I was a candidate for TRT because of high SHBG and High E2…but my normal test levels were in the 800s. Honestly I have never been able to dial it in and now fertility is beginning to become a concern. I have never been on HCG because every time I try I fell moody and have no libido. Is it possible for me to come off TRT?

Sure its possible to come off TRT, but with high SHBG you will return to the state you were in Pre-TRT. Your failure to dial-in may be do to your protocol.

Normally men with high E2 will find success with frequent injections. If you have mineral deficiencies it may be hard to dial-in. Low thyroid function would make it impossible to dail-in.

There is no mention of your TRT or HCG protocol, I wonder are you working with an experienced doctor.

I am currently supplementing with minerals and iodine as recommended by my doctor.

I guess I’m really no seeing any huge benefits on TRT like I thought I would and I would really like to have children at some point n the next 5 years.

HCG+FSH injections is a path to fertility, clomid is as well. You could just stop TRT without any restart, I did and 4.5 weeks later…

You are saying that I can use those injections while on TRT to have children?

Also are you saying that you quit TRT cold turkey and returned to TRT 4.5 weeks later?

I’m assuming he got someone pregnant 4 weeks later lol, I would suggest trying to find a better dial in on your protocol, because if you’ve been on TRT this long its likely that even if it wasn’t as huge of a need back then. You’ve definitely shut down your natural production to some level being on exogenous testosterone for two years straight. Something you should definitely talk to your doctor about and weigh your options on.

Absolutely, TRT+HCG+FSH injections has been known to work very well. HCG will wake up the testicles and FSH will get sperm production going again. You can work on fertility and improve your TRT protocol at the same time.

Correct, the 4th week I felt testosterone hit zero, something I’ll not forget, then 4 days later it was like I got a massive injection of testosterone without any side effects, but then it settled down and was 97 ng/dL and weeks later 119 ng/dL, FSH was back up firing again at 4.6 which is about mid-range.

It may take 6 months to regain sperm going this route though, but I stopped TRT for other reasons. I became critically iron deficient on TRT and am getting my iron stores backup before restarting TRT.

The TRT+HCG+FSH route is going to be quicker, all without having to go through androgen deprivation. I was like you, always having problems dialing in until I discovered daily injections using tiny insulin syringes, estrogen had never been lower, what a difference!