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Considering Doing TRT, Need Some Advice

Hi Im from norway, so the help and understanding i get from doctors here is very low.

I got a cronic inflamation in my stomach, and have had it for as long sa i can remember, and the doctors cant figure it out or help me. So about 6 years ago i went to germany to try out stemcell and ozon, and other blood work therapy. During the therapy i got severe anxiety and loss in mental and physichal strength, also got pain in my chest. Got so bad i cancelled the treatment, and went back home. But i did never recover from that experiance, and i have never felt, or enjoyed life the same way ever again.

What im struggling with now:
-brain fog
-hard time remembering
-struggle to focus
-can’t gain muscle anymore
-low energy
-low sex drive, but the dick gets hard, and do wake up with a morning woody.
-lost interrest in hobbies like, snowmobiling, motocrossing, hanging out with friends. just a lack of or interrest in life in general
-anxiety/ nervousness

I understand that the inflamation is the biggest cause to low energy, but i have allways had a great appetite for sex and life in general before the treatment, regardless.

During the treatment they told me to drink several liters of water a day (3-4 L) “to help flush out”. So im drinking high amount of chlorine water from plastic bottles. Starting to think that might have flushed out alot of minerals in my body and caused inbalance in my hormones.

So im starting to consider doing TRT in the blind with no support from any spesialist, since i cant find any in norway.
Was thinking 80- 100 mg a week, split up into 2-3 times during the week. Getting Cyp. or Enan. from the black market.

about me:
-Im 30 years old
-Eat mostly meat (carnivores)
-hardly ever drink or do drugs

  • lift heavy 2-3 times week
  • i take high quality supplements( multi, fish oil, extra vit D.)

my bloodtest:

Any suggestion/advice would be greatly appriciated

Were you diagnosed or checked for crohn’s disease?

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It sounds like you are just blindly trying therapies without understanding what’s causing your issues. I’m not seeing an inbalance in hormones, I doubt TRT will do anything for you, your Total T is 22 nmol/L (634 ng/dL), Free T isn’t low and SHBG not elevated to where it would create low Free T.

I’m actually surprised your testosterone levels are as good as they are considering your GI inflammation.

Honestly cant remember everything i have been tested for, but they did all the tests and checkups they had to offer twice, in a 10 year period. Will read more about crohn’s disease, but a imidiate glance at the symptoms listed, it dont quite match up

Welcome melfjord.

Rule no1 on TRT - dont listen to this guy

Crohns can manifest in many different ways. With or without symptoms, and with different types of symptoms. They will need to biopsy and do a sigmoidoscopy / colonoscopy / and or upper endoscopy to diagnose.

As an example, I have ulcerative colitis, which is essentially the same disease but inflammation Restricted to the colon. Mine is 100% manageable with diet and good sleep. but most aren’t that lucky. There are a lot of medications that can reduce or eliminate the inflammation, and a lot of them you only need to take until symptoms subside and start again if they flare up.

Has your doc given you a colonoscopy , sigmoidoscopy or upper endoscopy yet?

You’ll have to excuse tfan866 today because he is feeling inadequate today and has only put together a few words to describe his great wisdom while offering nothing as it relates to the OP current medical problems.

We can only go by what you’ve posted, but the labs do not show anything that would indicate that testosterone (total or free) is at the root of your problems. My advice is not to focus on TRT as a fix to your problems.

Have you had a lab for C-reactive protein? It may give you a better idea if you have an inflammatory disease such as Crohn’s.

Yes they have been done colonoscopy 2-3 times and endoscopy 2-3 times, even went in with a camera directly throu my skin to look at the outside of the colon

You are absolutely right systemlord, thats how i figure out whats going on. I figure its easier to just give it a go. Thats the method that have helped my alot to understand my body and how it works under certain condisions and foods. Might add that the day i took the test i felt amazing( on my unusal peeks).
But you might be right, and I will postpone the idea of TRT and check elsewhere. But the idea of a needle in the but every now and then seems like a great quick fix.

checked my labworks from back in 2015, the CPR was 0.32