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Considering Cutting Down


I just turned 19, I've gained about 45 pounds since last september. I'm 6'3 and around 193 pounds right now. I've always been super super lean naturally, and now that I've gained a lot of weight, and some fat along with that, I really don't like how thick my stomach has gotten. That seems to be where most of my fat has accumulated. You could even see the before (I was probably 160ish in my profile picture) and after in the picture I have posted.

My goal right now is to be able to hit a pretty lean 200. But right now I think I have way too much fat on me to be able to try and continue to gain weight while risking gaining more fat. Opinions?


Few other photos


Don't have a picture ready of the legs




If you want to lose muscles, go ahead and cut

otherwise stop thinking about cutting and continue(?????) gaining.


I guess I just need to get the super skinny guy mentality out of me head then. I started out at mid 140's, and at 6'3 that's almost malnourished looking. I'm just not used to having any kind of fat on me at all.


there ya go


Keep putting muscle on. Fat is gonna accumulate. It's part of the deal. Just minimize is as much as possible. Keep the conditioning up in order to keep the fat lower. You know how to gain weight. Just keep it up. You're not fat at all. 6-3" 193 is a good athletic build. You're only 19. This all takes a LOT of time. You're young and if you're active, pile on the calories and work your butt off. Just do the correct conditioning so you don't lose muscle weight.


Thanks man, appreciate it.